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Paden Elementary School

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March 2006

Hi, I'm currently checking out middle schools in Alameda due to planned longterm move there but am getting conflicting pieces of information. On the official AUSD there seems to be three middle schools in Alameda but on other online sources Paden is listed as both elementary and middle. Can anyone please clarify this for me? I have already called Paden and left a message but have not yet received any feedback. As we would be only two blocks from this school it would be ideal for my son walking home on his own! Also, if anyone has children attending Paden middle school .... any feedback on programs and teachers and afterschool clubs etc? I read that Paden has combined it's kindergarten and first grade classes with very mixed reviews by parents. Thank you, any help or information would be much appreciated! MaryJo

Yes-Paden has a 6-8th grade program that has about 80 students in it. It is a great program but due to budget cuts it is in its last year-sadly they are closing. It was very hard to get into-open enrollment with a lottery- even students who attended Paden k-5 are not given a spot. You might wanr to look at Alameda Community Learning Center which is on the campus of Encinal High School. It is now 6-12th grade and is a great alternative. They just had a big parent information night and were accepting forms. They do a lottery too. Good luck Alameda Parent
Nov 2003

Paden School was highly recommended to me as having a great ''developmental'' program (where kids can learn at their own pace) and lots of parental involvement. During my son's last two years there (3rd and 4th grade) I have been impressed with the level of parental involvement and with the skills and committment of some staff members. However, I am getting an overall sense that this school, probably like most of the other public schools, is being strangled by the ''no child left behind,'' heavy-testing regimine that seems to be taking over our schools. Exciting ''extra'' programs like science, history, music, PE are giving way to more and more hours of ''basics.'' For instance, this year they quit sorting kids by math competence in the 4th and 5th grades (a hallmark of the ''developmental'' program) because they were forced to teach to the state standards, rather than letting kids move at their own pace. They cancelled the weekly ''Scientist Steve'' program (my son's greatest school joy) because they had to make more hours for math and language arts. The entirety of education is being reduced to its most basic (read: boring) components. More and more homework is being assigned, and less and less of it seems interesting or challenging. Etc. I do not blame my kid's classroom teachers alone; these are clearly orders from headquarters. But the net result has been that the educational process seems drained of excitement and creativity. I'd bet it's the same at all public schools right now. Welcome to the brave new world of education. Alameda Mom

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