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Enrolling in Alameda Schools

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Can you enroll more than one school?

Dec 2007

I have just moved to the city of Alameda and I understand that the enrollment for Kindergarten in publics schools starts in January 2008. Can you enroll more than one school of your choice? or you can just choose one? veronica

As far as I understand, you must enroll in your local school. According to a newly adopted policy, if more students enroll in that school than there are spaces available, the school will lottery the spaces. If you do not ''win'' a space in that school, you will be asked to select another option. At that point, you get to ''choose'' (to the extent there is any choice). If you want to apply to attend a school other than your local school from the get go, you should talk to the district about how to do that. also in Alameda

Changing to another school within Alameda

May 2004

We are strongly considering moving to Alameda. We've generally heard good things about the school district, have read the BPN postings, and have looked up the API scores. We planned to limit our search to schools with very high test scores. But... we've found a house we're intestered in and the neighborhood school is one of the ''average'' scoring schools (6/7 API)-- it's Haight Elementary. I know the limitations of test scores-- that they are just one indictor and that they are strongly related to family socioeoncomic status. Haight has a more diverse racial and economic student body than other Alameda schools and diversity is something we care about as well. Ideally, we'd have both diversity and very high test scores. Does anyone have experience with Haight Elementary? Any any experience requesting attendance at another school-- we've heard they have an Open Enrollment policy. We'd be interested in four other schools -- would that increase our odds of getting in? We're calling the school district to ask these questions but also wanted to hear from Alameda families. Thanks. Jen

My son will be entering K in the fall of 2005. We're in the Haight school district. I take it you've checked the website? There's only one parent comment there, but it's pretty darn depressing.

A friend's child will be entering K this fall, and she's in the Washington school district (which is only marginally better than the dismal Haight)--and she's been informed that she may not even be able to get into *that* school! -Much less into Edison/Franklin/Otis or other fairly stellar schools. Wow.

I don't know about transfers (but will learn by looking over my friend's shoulder!). Good luck. (I do like our neighborhood!) Jennie

We moved to from Albany to Alameda in September into the Washington school district, as our daughter was entering first grade. We were not thrilled with the school, and were told that there were too many students in the first grade, and some may have to be moved. We went to Franklin school in person and found they had too few first graders and our daughter was admitted immediately. Don't assume because your assigned school is overcrowded that all schools will be. Franklin was actually hurting for first graders, although I don't know if that will be true again this year. I would recommend going in person to the school of your choice and talking to them about enrollment. Good luck.
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