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Edison Elementary School

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Dec 2006 - Jan 2007

We recently bought a house in the Edison school district in Alameda, and we are anticipating sending our two young children there when they start kindergarten. I know all about Edison's stellar test scores and they are impressive. I would like to hear from current parents about their impressions of the school. Alternatively, if you chose another school over Edison (like Beacon), why? I also have the following questions, that I would ask of any school: Do you feel that the cirriculum emphasizes preparing for the test at the expense of other academics/enrichment activities? How is the after school program? Is bullying an issue among the students and how is it dealt with? I appreciate any input, and thank you very much! Alamedan mom

This is in regards to the inquiry about Edison (Alameda), etc. I live in the district and the vast majority of our friends in the neighborhood send their children there. In choosing a school for our child we determined the following as things we felt were important to our child's eduction. We wanted small class sizes, teachers who want to teach and get the support they need to do so, an educational approach that matches each individual student's needs, and exposure to a variety of arts-based curricula that is available and ongoing. I did not want my child to have homework from the time of age 5; I see the homework issue as everything from a drag on the parents to the possible cause of their children's occasional negative view of school. Children are encouraged to listen to one another and with adult help, work through any situations as necessary; I recall the bullying issue mentioned in the inquiry.

To be specific, we chose Beacon Day School and could not be happier with our family's experience there, as it has met and exceeded our expectations regarding the issues raised above, as w ell as to experiences our child has encountered in our tenure there. We do not contend with homework struggles and our child is learning the fundamentals of dance, art and music weekly, by professionals, or specialists, in addition to the 'regular' curriculum taught by a teacher who loves the year-round, developmental approach. Finally, it has been amazing to witness our child in musical/vocal performances throughout the year and most recently participate in a poetry demonstration with other grades in the elementary school. I know we would not be having these experiences at a public school. I am interested in others who may reply to this initial set of questions. Anonymous

Feb 2007

I posted a message right before the holidays, seeking parent input about Edison school in Alameda. I received one response which was helpful, but would like to hear more. I recently attended the kindergarten info night but it seemed to be more about how to apply than specifics about the cirriculum and school.

Specifically, I would like to know what parents impressions are of the school. Is there a huge emphasis on preparing for the standardized tests, especially in lieu of other topics (the arts, music, etc.) What is the after school program like? Is bullying an issue and how does the school deal with it? Lastly, if you chose a private school over Edison, why? We are new to the area and would love to hear from some current parents. We have two young children that we hope to send to Edison in the next few years. Thanks for your time! a new neighbor

I've had kids in both AUSD and indpendent schools. Edison has some very good teachers, some average, and a few bad. In my mind that is a problem in the public schools-hit or miss with teachers; whereby in the independent schools they are more uniformly above average to very good. Edison has a great parent community. They don't over-emphasize stdized testing but the problem is the curriculum is one-size fits all; there is little wiggle room for children anywhere outside the middle. In my mind the playground and lunchtime are undersupervised so it depends on your kids. If they have any social issues they might suffer, but if they are strong they might be fine. I hear that parents are leaving AUSD in droves but I don't know if that is true. You might want to take a look at Redwood Day or Beacon or Mills just to get some perspective. (Be sure to apply for financial aid!) Good luck to you! Anon
I just had to respond to the person who wrote this: ''I hear that parents are leaving AUSD in droves but I don't know if that is true.'' Because why say it if you don't know it's true?! As an involved AUDS parent I have see only a handeful of parents leave, mostly those who have children with particular needs that they percieve as not being met by the public schools. Anonymous
Nov 2003

My daughter, a fourth grader, attends Edison and has since kindergarten. We have had nothing but wonderful teachers and principals. The parent support is really great. The curriculum has changed over the years because of the standardized testing. This seems to be a problem with the teachers, giving them less freedom. But overall, I am very happy with what my daughter is learning. It is a very nurturing atmosphere. The principal cares about any issues that come up. The parents are heavily involved in everything. We don't have much to complain about! angie

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