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Albany United Methodist Church

Re: Inclusive & Friendly Church (March 2003)
Hi, My husband and I decided to go ''back'' to church (had gone as kids, but not since) when our first child was 6 months old. We've been going to Albany United Methodist Church (on Marin, at Stannage) since then, about 2.5 years. We like it quite a bit. It has a great community feel, with kind, friendly, fun people of all ages and enough kids to keep mine happy and the first part of the service (before they go to Sunday School) lively. The pastor is great at focusing on spiritual growth, spirituality in one's life, etc. - though if you want NO socio- political focus you might not like it quite as much - she does care deeply about peace and justice issues, and has talked about the Iraq situation in a few sermons.

There's a lot of focus on service, both locally and internationally, as well as a bible study group (the Disciple series)and some other similar activities.

The music varies - it can be really good some weeks, and more basic others. Sermons are wonderful - the pastor (Liza Klein) is well-read and draws on a wide range of experiences, stories, quotes, readings etc. to illustrate points and get a message across.

It's not a huge church - average attendance is about 40 per week. But its been a great community for us. We'd recommend it!

Finally back to church...


I highly recommend the Albany United Methodist Church on Marin & Stannage in Albany. Pastor Liza Klein is wonderful--she has a PhD in Anthropology from UCB & is extremely progressive in her approach. She is committed to building a congregation diverse in age, ethnicity, and socio-economic background. The church has wonderful children, and a great kids program. This is not an upper-crusty church, and has few bells and whistles, but is a down to earth haven in a hectic world. There are also other family programs held during the week. Services are Sundays at 10. Eabremner

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