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Burial/Last Rites Ceremonies

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Cemetery/crematorium near to Berkeley?

June 2009

Hi, I was recently suprised by a request of my elderly mom who indicated that she would like to be buried in Berkeley, near where I live. (Or, near Berkeley, of course) She prefers to be cremated, and is a Veteran. Does anyone know what our options are? Is there a cemetery nearby? Being cremated, I assume (hope?) that she needn't have purchased a ''plot'' previously, but I don't know that. Can anyone provide recommendations? Thank you so much. Burial near Berkeley?

I don't know of any cemetaries in Berkeley, but Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland (at the top of Piedmont Ave) is lovely and has a crematorium/columbarium. It's one of the most peaceful and beautiful cemeteries I've ever been in. I, and many others, walk and jog there all the time, and it always seems full of life and happiness, oddly enough. It has a fascinating history, too. Surprised to be a Cemetery Fan Chapel of the Chimes Oakland Columbarium, Crematorium, Mausoleum, Funeral Home (FD#1254) 4499 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, CA 94611 510-654-0123 (24-hour service) When my Mom died, they arrived in about 30 minutes, and took care of everything; no fuss, no muss. At that moment, that was a big plus. --been there
Please do yourself a favor and contact Raymond Lutnes at Chapel of the Chimes (510-435-8311). I know Raymond well, and he is a dear, dear man who can help you with any arrangements you need. Also, the place (adjacent to Oakland's Mountain View cemetery) is a beautiful Julia Morgan building that it's a pleasure to visit. Laura
You would be well served by checking out Chapel of the Chimes beautiful landmark cemetery @ 4499 Piedmont Ave. in Oakland. I recommend asking for Raymond Lutnes (cell 510-435-8311) to assist you finding a memorial location to purchase for your mother. You can count on him to listen to what you want, show you the wide range of available options, and be there for you after the sale. Stu
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