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Ya Ya Chinese Child Care (Albany, CA)

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Nov 2013

Ya Ya Chinese School in Albany educates the whole child using Mandarin immersion for both preschool and afterschool. Teacher He has 22 years of experience teaching children in China and is a bonafide tai chi master. She has created a most wonderful atmosphere where academics are balanced with arts and crafts, abacus, martial arts, performances, and fun. They get to grow vegetables and raise chickens and rabbits! The kids, ages 2-10, love it there and mix like one big family - typically they do not want to leave at the end of the day! My 10-year-old's written and spoken Chinese is pretty good, and more importantly, he is motivated to continue. Teacher He also cares about the moral development of the children and is very good about keeping the parents updated with whatever is happening with their children developmentally; I find that she is has been a great 'co-parent'.There is currently room for a couple more preschoolers; you can find out more information at the website - BTW, don't worry if you don't speak Mandarin; even though she'll only speak Mandarin to your kids, she'll speak English with you ; ) Happy Mom of a Happy Kid

July 2011

Re: Mandarin Immerson Summer camp
You may try Ya Ya Chinese School ( My 6-yr old daughter, with some language experience and have been there for almost 2 weeks and she really enjoy the loving, relaxing enviroment in Ya Ya. Ms. He the lead teacher is experienced and kept kids at all age well entertained and enthusiastic to learn the language through songs, games, and some gong-fu. And declicious lunch is provided as well. Check out more info on their website and their summer camp is still open for enrollment. Hongli

May 2011

Re: Mandarin afterschool programs in the East Bay
My daughter attends Ya Ya Chinese Childcare in Albany and we LOVE LOVE LOVE this program. Teacher He is so good with the kids and in addition to Mandarin language, she teaches them calligraphy, math with abacus, Kung Fu/Tai Chi, she does arts and crafts, cooking, gardening. It is such a warm and loving atmosphere, like a home away from home. She just created a new website, definitely check it out: VERY highly recommend! Happy Parent

May 2011

We love Ya Ya! He Laoshi is a very talented teacher and has great patience. She teaches Chinese language/culture through music, art, and fun activities. My daughter attends Ya Ya full day program, and my son attends Ya Ya's afterschool program. I can see how much they enjoy their time there! My son has developed a great interest in Chinese and is eager to start the second series of Chinese language books. He has also built strong bonds with He laoshi and his afterschool friends. My daughter often surprises me with new words, new poems or new drawings.... Both of my kids have grown with good social manners and excellent learning habits, for which we can not say thank you enough to He Laoshi! If you are searching for a rich academic and loving environment, check out Ya Ya. You can find a lot of information on her website ( including specifics about an open house she is planning on hosting in early June. Michelle

June 2010

I want to recommend a newly opened Day Care in Albany to parents who are seeking Mandarin speaking environment for their kids during summer time, regular school time or after school.

It was opened on June 14. Ms. He, the owner has many years experience teaching kids Mandarin for different age group. Before she runs her own day care, she was my son's teacher in his regular preschool. My son has attended the summer camp at her day care for a week now, and I can see he's learning a lot, and also enjoying that place greatly.

Seeing is believing, I encourage you to contact Ms He, and arrange visit to observe her teaching style yourself.

''Learning Chinese Culture through Language, Tai Chi, Children's KungFu, GuZheng, Music, Painting, Calligraphy, Arts and Crafts. A loving, safe and warm environment, bilingual in English and Mandarin with a teacher who enjoys reading to children and provides healthy meals to complete the nourishment of the student. I will help their Maths and reckoning by the abacus.''
Contact: He, Yazhi,

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