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Urban Schoolhouse (Oakland, CA)

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May 2014

If you are seeking a preschool where your child will be truly loved & cherished; where compassion and cooperation are modeled at every moment; where the teachers take extra time to communicate with you, help you with parenting challenges, and care about your role in your child's life; AND where your child will be more-than-adequately prepared (academically) for Kindergarten -- you've found it.

Giselle and Amy at Urban Schoolhouse are truly miracle workers; all the parents constantly as each other, ''HOW DO THEY DO IT???'' They taught both of my children how to share, how to identify and work with their feelings, how to deeply love their playmates, and (oh yeah) how to read! Also, the community is a delight and a mainstay of our family's support system, with weekly potlucks and frequent playdates.

Feel free to contact me with questions, but better yet, just contact Giselle directly. You will be so glad you gave your children this opportunity to start life by nourishing both their hearts and brains.

P.S. I was never asked to write this message; I was simply moved by how much I love Giselle and Amy and wish other families to receive their gifts. Contact: Giselle Ampuero, (510) 463-1644

Sept 2009

Hi there, I wanted to share my excitement about the Urban Schoolhouse in Oakland! This is a fabulous find. Daisy and Giselle are some of the sweetest and loving folks you can find. My daughter has been coming here on and off since they opened and she has had such wonderful times and leaps in develpment because of this team. They are dedicated to teaching and nurturing the children through such creative activities, like (for my 1.5 yr old) moving flour from one jar to another, learning to get her own water, working with the plants/garden and countless other activities. You will know when you visit that you are getting in early on a very good thing. Below is some info about them, please check out their website:

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