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Tonda's Child Care (Oakland, CA)

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July 2013

I am moving, so our daycare spot will be available July 1st. Our daycare provider, Tonda, has been absolutely wonderful. She cared for my daughter from 6 months to one year. She currently has one other full-time baby who is 10 months, and a third, part-time baby who is 15 months. This is great because your child will have a lot of one-on-one attention. It was really nice to find someone who specializes in infant care. The babies are close in age and my daughter benefited from having other babies to socialize with.

Tonda is committed to providing a loving and calm environment. She has a beautiful space with lots of toys and books. When I stop by I find them listening to fun music, sitting in the yard, eating nutritious meals or playing. Tonda talks and sings to the babies all day. She takes them out for frequent walks and trips around town.

She's an excellent communicator with adults, too. I often spend extra time during pick-ups or drop-offs chatting with her. She cares about our entire family. She has been very flexible with our drop off and pick up times, which was a huge relief for two working parents.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions (contact info below). Or you can call Tonda directly at 510-290-0300.

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