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Suzy's Daycare (El Cerrito, CA)

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June 2012

My daughters (now 4 and 2) have been at Suzy's Day Care since they were infants. We moved from Berkeley to Lafayette 2 yrs ago and make the drive to El Cerrito to keep them there as long possible, but now my 4 yr old is ready for local pre-k so we are sadly making the switch in July. I can't say enough great things about the quality of care my kids receive & the level of support we receive as parents. We feel like everyone there is part of our family & I especially know my daughters do. We are grateful for how much personal attention they give each of my girls to help them reach their individual development milestones. They stress educational activities & go out of their way to keep my 4yr old engaged w/ challenging activity books & learning about all kinds of subjects, math, reading, science, etc. Every week I see the new things they learn and I am proud to say my girls fully understand and even speak a little Portuguese & Spanish. All the meals are made at home from scratch and the kids get tons of fresh fruit and other healthy snacks so I do not have to prepare or send any food. They throw the best birthday parties & holiday parties. I wish my 2yr old could stay longer but we can't make 2 drop offs work w/ the distance from our home. I highly recommend Suzy's Day care!

May 2012

I remember when I was looking for a daycare I wish someone told me to just go to Suzy Daycare. The moment I entered her house I thought : This is it. I spent almost 3 weeks looking for the best of the best like all moms... Solange and Sergio have a lot of experience with infants and preschoolers. They are VERY caring and loving people and my now 3 years old and 2 years old love spending time their. You can REALLY tell they love children. Solange cooks delicious meals and her house is ALLWAYS very clean and full of joy. I am a French jewish mom so my girls will now transition to a Jewish Preschool. I would like to encourage you to go to her house and check it out! Besides, it is only 5 minutes drive frome UC Village, El Cerrito Plaza and Highway and she charges very reasonable prices. Merci and Good luck!

Sept 2010

Being a first time mom and having to go back to work is really tough, but if you leave your little one in Suzy's Daycare, you won't regret it.

I spent almost 2 weeks looking for daycare. Of course I wanted the best of the best, and I knew I found it when I visited Suzy's Daycare. Solange and Sergio have a lot of experience with infants and preschoolers. They are very caring and loving people and my little 5 months old loves to spend the time at Suzy's Daycare. You can really tell they both love children.

My daughter has been under Solange and Sergio care since she was 5 months and I feel blessed. Unfortunately, we are moving back to Europe and that is why I want to let you know about this great Daycare. Besides, it is only 5 minutes drive from UC Village (well communicated with 52L bus)

Thanks and good luck! Suzy's Daycare License # 073406503 Solange: or 510-528-9365

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