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Sunshine Play School (Richmond, CA)

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note: there is another preschool that has a similar name: Sunshine Preschool in Berkeley.
Feb 2012

I am considering enrolling my daughter in Sunshine Playschool this Fall. Can you please share your experiences? Did your child thrive emotionally, socially, physically and academically? Are the teachers nurturing? Will they give my daughter a hug if she needs one? Do you feel your child was well prepared for kindergarten? Curious, could your child read or almost read when s/he graduated? Thank you so much for any feedback you can provide. -ML

Our son ''graduated'' from Sunshine Playschool in Richmond last Summer and is now in Kindergarten. We could not have been happier with our experience. The teachers are warm, nurturing, and experts at fostering the social/emotional growth of children. The program is play based and so you will not see students sitting with worksheets and we felt our child's academic potential was recognized and nurtured. Our son finished with all the skills necessary for reading and is thriving in Kindergarten. I would whole heartedly recommend Sunshine. Julie
I started my son at Sunshine Playschool a week after his 2nd birthday and he stayed there until starting kindergarten this year. I swear it was fate that I found them (off BPN of course). Looking for a preschool was hard because he was not potty trained and young. When I found Sunshine they were actually located 1 block away renting a space under a church in my neighborhood.

The directer Brianna, her sister Heather and Jocelyn are GREAT!!! They are patient, nurturing, caring and really let each child develop individually at their own speed. Although my son was not able to read when graduating I think he was well enough prepared for kindergarten. Their new space near wildcat canyon is awesome, yes a bit small but I think worth it for the garden, nature walks, and outdoor art area they are able to take advantage of...not to mention the school bunnies. One year they even hatched chickens.

There are always fun seasonal/family parties and Brianna does a great gob of organizing field-trips. Oh and last but not least we LOVE grandma and grandpa.

I feel so blessed to have found such an wonderful program. My son is constantly asking when we can go visit, so he definitely gives Sunshine two thumbs up. Please let me know if you have any other questions. hr

My daughter started at Sunshine last July at age 21/2 and we are extremely happy with the school. The teachers there are very nurturing, and the kids all love them. They maintain an actively, fun, safe and friendly environment at the school and focus on development of social skills. They do a lot of art work, have music and gym class (you have to pay a little extra for the gym class). The school has a great yard with beautiful garden, all kinds of fruit trees, a brand new play structure, and lots of fun toys. It also has a very tight parent community with play dates, parties, and parents' participating in the monthly field trips. Unfortunately I can't comment too much about how the school prepares for kind garden, as my daughter is not quite there yet. But I have confidence in that seeing some of the boys and girls graduating as friendly, confident little people to do well in their lives. Feel free to contact me directly at Happy Sunshine parent. Jane
Sept 2011

Re: Preschool with a low student/teacher ratio, willing to work with a child with behavioural issues
Hi. I would recommend Sunshine Playschool in Richmond. Its at the end of the Arlington. They have about 20 students and 3 teachers, but they specialize in social development. I have known kids who have done poorly at other schools, gone there, and thrived. The teachers, are quite amazing. I do not know if they have space. April

Nov 2010

Re: Preschool/Playschool in El Sobrante Area
I would highly recommend Sunshine Playschool. It is located right at the entrance of Alvarado Park/Wildcat Canyon. The school is play based and has a wonderful staff who create a great community. Please check it out, it will be worth your time/effort. sunshine parent

August 2010

Re: Preschool recommendation in El Sobrante area
I would recommend looking at Sunshine Playschool it is a fantastic school. I looked at 7-8 schools before I found this jewel. My son is so happy there he is having a great time. (510) 307-4365 Brianna is the director. happy parent

April 2010

Re: Cozy, fun preschool for 2-year-old
Great school, a nice number of kids in the age range you are looking for (2-3 yo along with some older-they take up to 5), really attuned to the needs of the little ones- always have fun activities/themes for the month along with field trips. Rates and other info on website is about 6-7 miles from N. Berkeley-off the Arlington or if you take 80 E- it would be the Solano exit. It is really worth checking out! Good luck:) anon

June 2009

Re: Preschool suggestions near El Cerrito or Albany
Sunshine Preschool in Richmond near the El Cerrito border is fantastic. My daughter has been there for a year and a half. Before I became a mom I taught preschool for several years and I have a good idea of what a preschool should be like. Sunshine is one of the best. The director and head teacher, Brianna Ofill, has this incredible balance of warmth and firmness that children crave. Prior to Sunshine my daughter attended a preschool that could not give her the attention she needed and she was not feeling good about school or herself. Within days after moving her to Sunshine she fell head over heels for Brianna, became enthusiastic about learning and a more confident person. I see the same enthusiasm from the other children there. The other teachers there a really great too and they work well together as a team. Not to mention Grandma Diane whose visits are always something to look forward to! A warm and wonderful family atmosphere. Happy Sunshine Parent

June 2009

We placed our son at Sunshine when he was 2.5 years old and he has really blossomed in the last year. The staff is stable and confident. The turnover is low, In fact, the same aids have been there for the at least a year while getting their degrees in ECD. The director, Brianna Offill, has amzing energy, patience and an innate skill dealing with each individual child. Her sister Heather is an experience preschool teacher and their mother, Gramma, comes in every Friday to play and sing with the kids. It's a great place for learning and fun! The staff is warm and friendly, the parents are involved and the fieldtrips are fun. One Saturday night each month, the teachers host Parents Night Out where for $20 per child (all kids in the family are welcome) you drop off the kids at school for four hours. Parents have a relaxing evening out knowing the kids are safe and having fun (dinner served!). We visited other preschools in the area and we are more than glad we chose Sunshine. It's a nice neighborhood school. The school is accepting for fall 2009 and can be reached at 510- 307-4365 or email Brianna at

March 2009

Re: Preschools with FT schedules/childcare?
Sunshine Playschool has full time. My son will begin in Sept and I was very pleased with the program. I had looked at 5 other preschools/home daycare. They offer full and part day programs between the hours of 7:30A.M.-5:30 P.M. Monday-Friday, year round. Please call Brianna at 307-4365 or email her at for more information. anon

Feb 2009

I am interested in Sunshine Play School for my 3 year old son located in Richmond on Sonoma Street--any feedback about the program would be great the director is Brianna Offill. Thanks anon

My second son went to the Sunshine Play School since he was just about 3 years old until he was almost 6 years old. Before deciding to send him to the Sunshine Play School, I have visited about 10 other preschools. Knowing how sensitive, shy, and reserved my son was then, I was feeling hopeless because any of the schools seemed to work for him. I was thinking, if my visit to the Sunshine Play House did not meet my need, I would hold him home for another year. Well,,, when I visited there, I really felt that I found the right place for him. What I love about the Sunshine Play School is the stability of the staff. Brianna is a very experienced teacher, (thought she looks young). She is very nurturing, yet sets reasonable and age appropriate expectation to kids, so kids know how to care about each other. Heather, Brianna's sister, is also very experienced as a childcare provider. Both of them really love and know about individual kids and respect their personalities. They also have great assistants too, so the ratio of adult and children is pretty good too. Every Friday their mom also comes, who used to run the day care for many many years. My son loved having ''a grandma'' at school! My very shy son really opened up himself there by the time he was graduating. Also, though I never asked, he was reading all the alphabets, reading simple words, and also had very advanced math skills too by the end. All was done through play-based program. I wish I could know how she does it!!! We then moved to lamorinda area, and now I wish we were closer to the school again, so that we could send our younger children to Brianna again. If there is any downside of the program, I may say that their kids' art work is not as messy as I would like it to be, but that is my personal preference. Mika
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