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Sugar Plum Daycare (Oakland, CA)

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Oct 2007

Sugar Plum Daycare is in Redwood Heights off of Reinhardt. It's in a large home run by two of the nicest people on Earth! Patricia and Walter whom the families call ''Grandma'' and ''Grandpa'' have been in the business of helping raise babies and toddlers for 17 yrs. They are normally full. My son will be ''graduating'' soon to preschool. Children get to go outside to a nice, sheltered play space, they get fed breakfast together at a large table, and they are often getting cuddled by Pat, Walter or one of the family members. It's really a family setting that little kids get absorbed into. The kids are diverse. The cost is extrememly reasonable!!! We feel like our son and we have made friends for life here. Patricia's # 530-3729 Contact: Patricia , 530-3729

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