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Small Trans Depot (Oakland, CA)

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April 2010

5 Stars for Smalltrans Depot (Oakland)

I was so nervous about leaving my newborn baby with anyone. I searched high and low for a place where I would feel comfortable leaving my newborn-since I had to return to my full-time job. Nothing was as comforting as finding Smalltrans Depot. The high security building with guards, cameras and coded door locks were extremely reassuring, and the staff is as good as it gets! (Hours are great too! 7:30-5:30) The director Vanessa is a kind, generous and professional mother hen. She spends time with the infants and toddlers and they love her. The infant room is filled with nurturing attentive motherly women who are always holding and playing with the babies.

It's so comforting to be able to hand your baby to someone who you trust- who you know will be protecting, holding and caring for your baby. The toddler room is a wonderful place filled with happy children. The children are learning and playing in a very fun environment. SmallTrans is a 5-Star facility with 5-Star staff. They are so welcoming to moms dads and grandparents. What a wonderful way for kids to start off in life, and for parents to have peace of mind.

August 2006

Has anyone used Smalltrans Depot (aka Honeybee Childcare Center) in Oakland's Caltrans building? We will soon be first time parents, and could use advice. Our baby will be 3-1/2 months old when s/he enters day care. Thanks

My son (now 9 y.o.) went to Small Trans from age 1-3. It was a long time ago, but we loved it. The staff was great, very professional, loving and attentive. When he was older, the program was especially amazing. Plus the kids really enjoyed having the covered outdoor play area so that they could get out even when it was raining.
another esther
It's been about four years since we were at Smalltrans, but our memories are good. Weyfin, Kim, and Martha stick out in our memories as exceptional caregivers. Weyfin and Martha are in the infant room and are very kind and warm people. Weyfin is ''baby magic'' and I never felt bad leaving our son with her. I knew he was cared for and loved.

Kim runs the toddler room and is a very warm and knowledgable person. She made the transition easy and friendly. She has a lot of experience and my son grew to love her own two kids as well. They are older and came after their own school days on occasion. He still talks about his friends and we've been back to visit.

It's a good place and we've made lifetime friendships with other kids that attended Smalltrans with us. Hope that helps

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