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Preschools that Follow School District Calendars

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Seeking preschool compatible with BUSD schedule

Sept 2012

I'm in the preliminary stages of researching preschools for my daughter as her older brother is headed off to kindergarten in fall 2013. I'd love to send her to the same preschool as her brother is currently attending, however this school seems to have frequent staff training and religious holiday breaks built into the schedule, plus lengthy vacation breaks in the winter, spring and summer, and I've heard from other parents here that the breaks don't coincide well with the BUSD schedule. We are a family with two working parents and it would be nice to find a preschool where we don't have to blow all our vacation time filling in gaps in our kids' school schedules. (Is this even realistic?) Does anyone have recommendations for preschools with breaks that coincide well with BUSD breaks, or a schedule that is generally more adapted to the needs of families with two working parents? Anywhere in Berkeley or Emeryville would be great. - running low on PTO

Check out The New School of Berkeley (

Its schedule is based on BUSD's, with the added bonus that it's open during BUSD one-day holidays (Malcolm X Day...) and BUSD spring break. The only days it's closed when BUSD schools are open are the Friday before Memorial Day (for the annual New School family camping trip to Mendocino, which is awesome) and a few days around the time BUSD schools start in late August.

Plus, New School is around the corner from Berkeley Arts Magnet BUSD elementary school, and it offers before- and after-school care for elementary-age kids. Both my kids, who go/went to BAM, went to New School from preschool (ages 2/3) through elementary-school after-school care (ages 6-10). Robin

Once again, please see my response above to ''Looking for a mellow preschool near Glenview''. First Years Enrichment is year-round and on the BUSD calendar. Their number is 510.658.8109. A very pleased Mom
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