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Ashley's House (Piedmont, CA)

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July 2011

Ashley's House, a lovely in-home daycare centrally located in Piedmont, has two rare openings for late September, 2011. My husband and I interviewed a large number of in- home daycares for our two young children, and fell in love with Ashley's House. The daycare is located in a charming old mansion right across from the community center in Piedmont. They have a huge yard with a lot of outdoor toys/play structures, and an equally large, well organized and equipped indoor play area. The teacher/child ratio is great (3:1), which enables the teachers to take the children on a daily outing to one of the three lovely nearby parks. My husband and I had to withdraw our children from the daycare due to unforeseen and unfortunate personal circumstances. We looked long and hard for a place like Ashley's, though, and wanted to get the word out about the openings so that another family can take advantage of the opportunity to have their children spend their days in such a wonderful environment. Feel free to contact me as well for more information - Katherine

April 2011

Opening at 'Ashley's House' - Grab it!
If you're looking for The Ideal Daycare, you've found it! My three year old has been going to Ashley's House in beautiful Piedmont since she was 18m old and we absolutely LOVE it. It's got everything - fantastic location; fabulous backyard with slides, sandboxes, trikes and fruit trees; great emphasis on play and learning basic fundamentals, music, verbal and social skills; happy kids and 4 marvelous ladies who provide the perfect combination of warmth, fun and discipline! My daughter graduates to preschool this fall and I'm confident she's well equipped to start ''school'' after her time at Ashley's. Check out more detailed reviews and pictures on Yelp and Savvy Source for ''Ashley's House''!

Oct 2008

Re: Full-time, playbased, preschool near Glenview
My 3yo son and 2yo niece go to Ashley's house. We love it and feel lucky that we found it (via our neighbors who have/had 2 kids there). It seems to fit what you are seeking and I think they do have an opening still. claire

April 2008

Ashley's House is a family run daycare which has been caring for children for 25 years. My 2.5 year old daughter has been attending Ashley's since October 2007 and she LOVES it. I plan to leave her at Ashley's until she is four and then I will enroll her in preschool. If you are looking for a smaller daycare and aren't ready to throw your 3 year old into a large ''academic'' preschool Ashley's House is ideal. If you are are concerned that your child won't be in a learning or stimulated atmosphere -- don't worry. My daughter comes home singing the alphabet and counts to 10 in English and Cantonese! Singing, dancing and age appropriate art activities are done daily. Swim lessons are being offered this summer! Daily outings to the park, walks to the firehouse and police station are always a hit with the kids!

Ashley's House is a small daycare with no more than 12 children with 2-4 caregivers. If you would like further information do not hesitate to contact me or give Ashley a call to tour her great program! Jennifer
Ashley 510.547.5170

April 2007

Our son's daycare has an extremely rare opening for a child from 18 months to 36 months of age starting in the fall (possibly sooner). It is a precious in-home daycare run by a wonderful woman named Ashley Nackley. She has been running this daycare out of her home for over 20 years, and has a long history in the community. Ashley had 6 children of her own and is wonderful with kids. She runs an intimate in-home daycare, with 3-4 adults for only 10 children. They have an excellent outdoor space, with lawns, patio space, and a sandbox. I could not have imagined leaving my son anywhere else. At Ashley's, I know that there are enough adults to attend to any situation, to sit and read a book one-on-one, or just to give him a hug when he needs it. My son is always happy to go to Ashley's House and has made wonderful friends there. Full days only, part-time or full time. Contact: Ashley Nackley, 510-547-5170

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