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Mother's Pearls Childcare (El Cerrito, CA)

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Jan 2013

My son's daycare, Mother's Pearls, has full and part-time openings for infants and toddlers. Mother's Pearls is a small in-home daycare in the El Cerrito Hills, open Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. My son has been going there since he was 5 months old (he's now almost 21 months) and he's flourishing -- he's learned his letters, some numbers, and some sign language! Meals are provided, the cost is very reasonable, and Phoebe Williamson (the owner) is very flexible with scheduling. We've had a couple of different babysitters pick our son up in the almost 1.5 years he's been there, and Phoebe has been great about working with them. We've been really happy there, and our son has too. Phoebe can be reached at 510- 367-7436. Please feel free to contact the moderator for my information as well if you have any questions.

Nov 2012

Re: Preschool or Daycare for 2 yr old near Richmond
Hi! Our son's daycare may be more up your alley. He goes to Mother's Pearls, run by Phoebe Williamson, in the El Cerrito hills. He's 19 months old and is now the second-oldest kid there, as kids tend to leave around age 4 for preschool. Phoebe is licensed for 6 kids, but currently has 3 children there (a girl who's 2.5 or 3, my son, and a 6-month old), and some days my son is the only one! Phoebe used to be a preschool teacher, and the daycare is play-based. They have a backyard area as well. She has great hours -- 6:30am to 6pm -- and we pay $900/month. It's an unstructured environment, but our son seems very happy there. If you're interested, her contact info is 510/367-7436 (cell) or 510/558-346 (home). Aliza

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