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MorningGlory Preschool

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Editor Note (April 2011): This daycare appears to have closed. No license was found at CCLD.

Feb. 1999

My daughter went to MorningGlory Preschool from 2 - 5 year old. They are wonderful for the following reasons: They have steady staff. Christy (the director) is a great employer. Ingrid has been there for around 9 years (although she is off on an extended leave right now with her new hubbie), and Suzanne, who is there 2ce a week, has also been at MorningGlory for year. And, the person who has replaced Ingrid is apparently fabulous.

The school is in a house, so the kids have rooms in which they can play various games, from rough, to quiet. All the kids play together like a family (no separation by age, unless it's appropriate), which I like. The yard is fabulous. It has a swing (built by my husband), and the most incredible tree on which kids can climb. But most important is that the staff is hands on. They will hold your baby when she/he cries or is feeling sad. They handle disputes between kids in a firm, caring and appropriate way. Christy has a music teacher come in once or twice a week, an incredible dance/movement teacher once a week, and even had a spanish teacher for a short stint when we were there. Everyone is very loving, creative and fun. I now have a 5 month old, who will be going to Jane

I sent my daughter to Morning Glory Preschool for 1 1/2 years. She loved it. The teachers have been there for 12+ years, except one new one who is also great. There is not much structure, as the teachers believe in allowing the kids to dictate their activities. Sometimes I thought this was carried to a fault. Also, the neighborhood is not the safest. Suzanne
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