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Mi Mundo Preschool (Berkeley, CA)

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June 2014

I am considering mi mundo preschool for my daughter who just turned 4. I would appreciate hearing of parents experience at the school. My daughter is sweet, smart and a little shy. She has been I preschool since she was 5 months. We are looking for an open, welcoming environment. Thanks!!

If you're still wondering about Mi Mundo, I'd like to recommend it HIGHLY. My kids were some of the first kids there, and they are still so excited to go every day. They do amazing art projects, sing songs, get lots of great outside-time in their beautiful outdoor space, and learn SO much Spanish. I would really encourage anyone to go there - the amount of individual attention my kids get there is fantastic, but they are also learning critical social skills like how to play with kids of different ages. The directors and teachers are also very easy to work with, and the communication is great - they do a daily ''activity log'' where we can read about what they've done, and a weekly video (set to music) showing photos of all the actvities they did. It really makes me feel connected to the school. Yo amo Mi Mundo
Feb 2014

My daughter started at Mi Mundo preschool over a month ago. There are so many wonderful things about this school. They have interesting themes each week...from dinosaurs to planets to lunar new year. They provide children with interesting and creative art projects that are incorporated into the themes (think hand-made jet packs/telescopes, model dinosaurs, volcanoes, etc). The kids have fun while they are learning and creating. My daughter comes home asking questions about Earth and wondering about dinosaurs!

While she's been there, she's gained many independent skills. The school focuses on helping kids learn to do things themselves.

I love that they go outside each day even if it's raining, so the kids can move and breathe the fresh air. I also love the lack of Disney, princess, etc.

I enjoy all the feedback the parents get with weekly photo slide shows and e-mail updates about the school.

Oh...and, I almost forgot. All of the above, while the children learn or continue to develop their Spanish language skills!

The very best part: my daughter loves her school.

Highly recommend Mi Mundo! For more information about openings and tours, please contact Mi Mundo directly.

Jan 2014

I want to write to recommend Mi Mundo Preschool, a new school in the N. Oakland / S. Berkeley area near Shattuck and Alcatraz. This school is, quite frankly, amazing. Why? 1) The sisters who run it are warm and very experienced with children (they came from Rockridge Little School), and are very intuitive about kids' needs but also willing to stretch them. 2) The projects they do - everything from making space helmets to study the planets, to painting old records, to making footprint collages - are incredibly creative and well-planned, matching seasons and holidays. 3) Spanish taught by native Spanish-speakers (and a good mix of Spanish-ability amongst the kids). 4) The parent communication is the best I've found - a daily ''log book'' of activities and a weekly emailed slideshow of everything they've done. 5) The outside space, complete with yard, play structure, garden, and sandbox (they often eat meals outside when it's nice). I could go on and on, but the best recommendation is that my two daughters, ages 2 and 4.5, wake up excited to go to school every day. Mi Mundo es Mi Escuela!

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