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Mi Escuelita Day Care (Berkeley, CA)

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Aug 2012

Anyone have any information about Mi Escuelita Daycare in Berkeley? I am considering this as a possible option for my toddler and would like to get some feedback from parents who have had a child at this place or currently have a child attending this Daycare. There were a few reviews about it, however, they were quite outdated. Would appreciate any feedback. THANKS

We have been very happy at Mi Escuelita day care. My second child is there currently after my first attended until kindergarten. Some of the benefits: caring, loving staff, a big back yard, daily walks, music classes, soccer classes and if you want to participate the teachers can walk your child to e swim classes at king pool in the summer,frequent art projects. It is clean and has consistent staff... Same teachers for the last seven years or so. They are very open and honest with me regarding my children's behavior. I feel very grateful to have found the school and recommend it highly. Lisa
My daughter attended Mi Escuelita for over a year, prior to entering preschool. It's a great day care with VERY loving staff and tons of fun activities. The backyard is full of kid-friendly equipment and kids have lots of choices for play, depending on mood and/or temperament. My daughter went back for once-a-month PJ parties for a long time after she left the school and she still speaks of Mi Escuelita fondly. Rates are mid-range (or so), safety is high, variety of activities is very good (music, swimming, outdoor time including walks, language, art, etc.) Best of luck!
Both of my sons went to Mi Escuelita and they loved it. I was very pleased with Carlos. He has a great backyard with lots of room to run around. They take the kids on walks and to storytime at the libary once a week. They are wonderful with getting the kids to nap and they do fun art projects. There have been no staffing changes in years - Sylvia and Arlydes worked with Carlos when my older son went there and they are still there now, five years later. They are all great and I highly recommend Mi Escuelita. Hannah
I love mi esculenta The staff are really good and on top of your concerns My daughter was there for 3 years until she starts the kindergarten We still go back and visit - Love the place, give it a try Bouchra
Mi Escuelita is a wonderful place for little ones. My daughter attended for 3 years and still visits. You will not find a more loving group of teachers which was the most important thing for me. It is very evident that they adore children. The 3 teachers have all worked together for quite a few years without any turnover. In addition to the Spanish there are a lot of wonderfully creative art projects, music classes, soccer and swimming lessons in the summer. It is located near a few different parks and close to the N Berkeley library which has a story hour once a week. The backyard of Mi Escuelita is quite large with many fun things to play with and on. Not only is there a huge sand box but an airplane, swings and a trampoline. Another fabulous thing is the monthly PJ party which the kids love and the parents get to go out on a Friday night! Nancy
August 2009

I'm writing to recommend Mi Escuelita day care, where my daughter has been in the past two years. We couldn't be happier with the staff (Carlos, Arlidys and Silvia), all of them fluent in English and Spanish, the facilities (a pretty house with a large backyard) and the activities (music class, library readings, walks to the nearby park, swim classes in the summer...). They also have a flexible schedule (mornings or afternoons, from one to five days a week), and a monthly evening party for the kids -so the parents can go out! Above all, Carlos, Arlidys and Silvia are like family to us, and we can't wait to have our second child to go there as well.

Nov 2007

Re: Preschools with Male Teachers
I'm sorry to hear about your divorce. You did not mention in your post the area where you are looking for a preschool or the age of your child. If you're near Berkeley, you might try Mi Escuelita (526-4357) in North Berkeley. It's bilingual, play and home based. The director, Carlos, is just what you may be looking for in a male role model. Warm, affectionate, and terrific with kids. The other 2 female teachers are excellent as well. My son attended for a year and we had a great experience-- music, art, daily walks, trips to the library. During my search for preschools, the following schools also had male teachers and are worth checking out: Step One, Aquatic Park, Heart's Leap. If you can swing it with your schedule, you might check out a coop, where your child will be exposed to other kid's fathers and you will find a welcoming community. Good luck! anon

Oct 2007

Re: Looking for a small preschool in N. Berkeley
Try Mi Escuelita in N. Berkeley, near Solano. Max 12-14 kids; offers part-time; bilingual Spanish; lots of art, music, songs, reading, daiy walks, library visits, warm, loving care-givers. My 3 year old loves it. Like a great, big extended family for her. Might have part-time openings now. Call 526-4357 raissa

Aug 2007

Wonderful, bilingual home-based day care has an unexpected opening for a child 22-months or older starting in September. If you are looking for group care for your child and want a stimulating, creative, and caring environment, Mi Escuelita, might be right for your family. Our child started last fall, has thrived socially, and now speaks basic Spanish (though we are not native speakers). A typical day includes: circle time, walks to the park or library, free and group play, art projects, and music. There are 3 Spanish speaking care givers for 12-15 children (ages 2-4). The facility is immaculate and has a large backyard space. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like a glowing reference. Call Mi Escuelita directly for an appointment to visit. Contact: Carlos Barraza, (510) 526-4357

Nov 2005

Mi Escuelita Day Care in N. Berkeley has openings for kids 16 mos. and older. This new preschool is run by my long-time caregiver, Carlos Barraza. He has been an in-home childcare provider for both my sons (and several other families) for five years. Now he has his own licensed day care facility in North Berkeley (on Colusa near Marin).

Carlos is amazing with kids: responsible, calm, loving, playful, and creative. His new day care is bright, clean, organized, stimulating, and fun. He offers 3-day and 5-day programs. He speaks English and Spanish fluently and provides Spanish-language learning. He has spaces for kids from 1.5 years old to 3.5 years old.

Contact Carlos for more information, or call me (Kira Halpern) if you want to speak with a reference first. Carlos Barraza, director, (510) 526-4357 Lic #013418318

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