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Love Logic Daycare (Alameda, CA)

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As of Jan 2011, there is no record of a license for this daycare at Community Care Licensing

Note: a Jan 2007 posting on Yelp says this daycare is no longer open.

This daycare was closed on December 9, 2010 according to Community Care Licensing records.

May 2006

Our three-year-old daughter has recently joined Love Logic in Alameda. It's this great cross between an indoor playground and a preschool. Parents or caregivers go with their child. There's a fabulous play kitchen area--with pretend sushi that my daughter adores--a climbing structure, puppet theater, train tables, princess castle, great arts and crafts area--I'm actually struggling to remember everything because there is so much there.

Tanya, the director/owner, also has several classes. We especially like the Spanish, cooking, and art. Tanya is planning on adding Italian and a dance class and we're excited about those too.

Classes are included in the monthly fee. There are two monthly options. We have the one where we pay $69 and are allowed to come as often as we want. At first that seemed expensive but then I looked up the cost of a Spanish class and that ALONE is more expensive. This way we get Spanish and the other classes and we can go anytime we want. Everyone who works there is great with my daughter. I can't say enough nice things about it!

Nov 2005

My son's daycare currently has an opening for an 18 month+ child. We really love this daycare. It's in a huge backyard with a converted garage classroom. Tanya is great with the kids and they do all kinds of artwork, and age-appropriate lessons on the alphabet, teethbrushing, etc. My son always comes home happy. Beth
Contact: Tanya Parker, 510-337-0998

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