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Little Lion Preschool & Childcare (Alameda, CA)

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Nov 2013

Our 3 year old daughter has been attending Little Lion for the past year and a half and has really thrived there. I researched and visited many facilities in Alameda when looking for a placement for my daughter and knew as soon as I visited Little Lion that it was the place for her. It is run by a husband and wife team. Their rates are really reasonable and offer care for 1-4 year olds up to four days a week, 8-5 Monday through Thursday. They serve home-cooked meals for breakfast and lunch and also provide snacks. They have a wonderful program with weekly themes and a focus on certain letters and numbers. There is a large outdoor play area and they get experience working in the garden, planting flowers, watching caterpillars cocoon become monarchs, using magnifying glasses to investigate plants and insects and just have fun digging in the dirt. Pictures are posted for parents on a monthly basis so they can see all of the fun things their children are doing during the day. They have music and art and physical movement activities that my daughter has really enjoyed. Our family is moving out of state this winter and we are so sad to be leaving Little Lion. Our daughter has learned so much and has thrived there and I just want to spread the word about this wonderful place!

Nov 2010

Wanted to take moment to recommend the day care that my 17 month old son attends. We've been really happy with Little Lion Childcare in Alameda (located close to Washington Park). The husband and wife team provide a very warm, fun and interactive environment for the kids. The kids are served nutritious meals (breakfast & lunch) and snacks each day. They really cater to parents looking for a good part- time child care option for kids infant to 5 years, although they have the full-time option as well. They have a big backyard area for the kids to play (outside toys and play structures) and just recently opened a new indoor playroom for use when the weather is bad and for preschool activities. My son is so happy here and has developed very sweet relationships with Rosane and Jeorson, as well as the other kids. I just found out that Little Lion has openings right now and would love to welcome some new children into their "family." For more information, go to or contact Rosane at (510) 521- 8190 to schedule a visit.

August 2010

There's an opening at our son's preschool next month, so I wanted to give my recommendation - Little Lion is a wonderful place. Our 3.5 year old has been there for a year and a half and we couldn't be happier. We love that they spend most of the day outside playing and exploring, and that he eats healthy snacks and home-cooked meals every day, and that they take pictures regularly and post them online, and that he's almost reading (!!!), and and and... so many things. There's a lot of information and a bunch of great pictures up on their Web site ( I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have; please feel free to email me.

Oct 2007

My son is 1 and has been going to Little Lion's family day care in Alameda and I can't recommend it enough. Rosane and her husband watch the children together. They take babies through school age from 7:30-5:00. Their home is very calm and loving. They also have two school-age children of their own and have a lot of experience with babies/kids. They provide many activities, a nice backyard play area, their home is very close to a large popular park and the library. Rosane provides healthy meals for the kids. It's been a special place for us. If you're looking and interested, please call Rosane Zenha at 510.521.8190 Contact: Rosanne Zenha, 510.521.8190

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