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Les Petits Francophones (Oakland, CA)

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Nov 2013

Re: French Language Preschool

My son is attending his 2nd year at Les Petits Francophones preschool. He understands the teachers and is now beginning to speak some French. The teachers are warm, knowledgeable, and excited to be at school. My son is thriving here at LPF. He is writing letters and numbers, bringing home top notch art work, and singing the songs he has learned. This year has been so positive in an engaging environment. at

My son is currently in his second year at Les Petits Francophones preschool in Oakland. He had little exposure to the French language beforehand at home or otherwise and is thriving at the school. The teachers are wonderful and attentive. He loves to be at the school and always wants to stay afterwards to play with the other children. The school takes the children on field trips and other outside activities. And at the end of each year they put together booklets of your child's progress which, I must say, is amazing! You can actually see how much they are learning through their play based activities. I would recommend the school to anyone especially if you are interested in a 100% language immersion program. The school offers both part and full time enrollment depending on your need and budget. You can visit the website, for more information including contact information to schedule a tour of the school. Catherine
Jan 2013

we would like to do some immersion french preschool with our daughter. we are planning to visit the preschool next week. i was wondering if there were any parents out there who's kid goes there who can give me their opinion on the school. it seems like it would be more affordable then sending our daughter to eb. i am a little nervous about it because it is new and there is not many reviews about it. plus we have a very smart but high energy girl and we want to make sure she gets plenty of play and running around. any info would be great. choosing a preschool is hard

My child attended Les Petits Francophones last year and really enjoyed it. The teachers were caring and the instruction is all in French. It is small and intimate and my child felt loved and important. Many of the kids there planned to transfer to EB for kindergarten, and that transition went smoothly. Bonne chance! Happy with LPF.
Nov 2011

Re: Preschool Recommendation -- French Immersion?
You should check out Les Petits Francophones it is a new French immersion preschool located in Oakland by lake Merritt. The whole day is in French, it is very reasonably priced and the main teacher has a lot of Montessori background so she incorporates a lot of that approach in her overall teaching pedagogy. My daughter is there and she loves it!! Got to love those kids French songs!

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