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Kids into Speaking Spanish (KISS) (Oakland & Walnut Creek, CA)

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Berkeley Site
  • Owner: Maribel Guerra
  • Phone: (510) 848-9903
  • Email:
  • Neighborhood: N. Berkeley on McGee Ave.
  • Zip: 94703
  • License #: 013420909 (view)
  • Capacity: 27
  • Website:
  • Bilingual: Spanish
  • Ages: 2 - 6 years
Oakland Site
  • Owner: Maribel Guerra
  • Phone: (510) 482-9903
  • Email:
  • Neighborhood: Piedmont Av
  • Zip: 94611
  • License #: 013421331 (view)
  • Capacity: 49
  • Website:
  • Bilingual: Spanish
  • Ages: 2 - 6 years
Walnut Creek Site
  • Owner: Maribel Guerra
  • Phone: (925) 952-9903
  • Email:
  • Neighborhood: Camino Diablo
  • Zip: 94597
  • License #: 073405604 (view)
  • Capacity: 72
  • Website:
  • Bilingual: Spanish
  • Ages: 2 - 6 years

Aug 2013

Re: Preschool for 2 years old girl very attached
Definitely look into KISS school. It's a Spanish immersion school with the warmest most wonderful staff of teachers. It's 6am-7pm. My daughter goes there and loves it. KISS mom

KISS on Piedmont Ave in Oakland

July 2013

Does anyone have any recent feedback on the KISS preschool on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland? Thanks in advance. anon

My son started attending KISS almost a year ago in the 3 year olds classroom and our experience has been 100% positive. Having our son learn Spanish was a priority and in that pursuit we tried two nearby immersion/bilingual preschools (not EBI). Our experience at KISS could not have been more different. KISS teachers are warm, knowledgable and communicative. The administration is responsive, professional and transparent. Most of all the school pulls off the seemingly impossible: they make your child a priority while doing the same for every other child. I could go on and on. The only thing I can add is that we're sending our two year old there next week. Please ask the moderator for my email address if you'd like to ask me more specific questions. Andrea
I have a child at KISS on Piedmont Ave and my feelings about the school are mixed. I love that my child is fluent in Spanish thanks to the KISS program. It's a life skill and it's amazing. We like that it's a small number of students overall. I also deeply appreciate the affection my child has for their teacher and vice versa. A few of the teachers are real gems.

BUT. The new (and past) owner/s of the school ran/run it as a business. Aside from monthly invoices, parents don't receive consistent communication from the owners or administrators. They do not solicit parent feedback or input in any way, or facilitate parent involvement beyond fundraising and fiestas. Further, I'm not sure that there is a shared vision about how to best nurture the 'whole child.'

The boy/girl ratio is often heavily skewed and teachers seem to spend a lot of time managing the more rowdy boys. The interior space is small, and there isn't a lot of separation between the two younger classes; it's basically a big room with a row of cubbies in the center. It's a brand new space but the carpet is usually dirty, especially in the 2's area where the kids spend a lot of time on the floor. The space seems very unfinished in places, with no plan communicated for finishing it. There are no real window coverings and paint is still needed in some areas. The exterior space is a small yard covered in wood chips; no grass, trees or plants. I pull large splinters out of my child's socks daily.

My child is mostly happy there. If a little unevenly nurtured, still happy. And fluent in Spanish. And maybe years from now that's what will really matter..? Mixed on KISS

KISS vs Monte Tavor?

April 2012

My Daughter is 2, and is at Anna's Daycare (Mercedes Leon), which I highly recommend. Now it's time for her to move on to preschool, and I would like to keep up the Spanish Immersion. EBI doesn't take kids until they are 3, but we hope to start her in preschool this fall (she will be 2 years, 8 months), and it looks like it has come down to Monte Tavor vs KISS (in Montclair, but moving to 51st/Piedmont). I'm sure they are both good choices, I've visited both twice...does anyone have substantive thoughts? Thanks! Devon

Our daughter attends KISS in Berkeley, and we love it. We visited Monte Tavor while we were looking at preschool options, and to me there is no comparison. They are very different environments. Monte Tavor is much more like a day care with various ages ranging from babies to preschoolers (though separated in ''classes''), and KISS is a preschool. Our daughter started at 2 years old, but I believe they are now accepting kids aged 3 and up. Her teachers are wonderful and very caring, she has learned so many songs and fun games, and she enjoys her classmates. Happy KISS Parent
April 2012

Re: Centro Vida v. KISS (Berkeley)
I don't know much about Centro Vida, but our daughter attends KISS in Berkeley and we're really happy with it. She started there when she was two years old and the school first opened, and we really liked the fact that it was a small school. I think that helped with the transition for her. The teachers are very warm and loving, and our daughter really enjoys it. Feel free to contact me with any questions. laurel

Oct 2011

Re: Looking for a 1/2 day Spanish Immersion Pre-school
Our 3 yr old has just finished the first week at the newly opened Berkeley location of Kids Into Speaking Spanish, and so far it is fantastic. The teachers are competent and caring and the school environment feels friendly and warm. The school seems to be off to a great start and I am excited for future plans like getting a community garden (kids, teachers, parents) started in the large backyard play area.

They are still enrolling and I see they've posted a notice below for an upcoming open house. Give it a look--we really feel like we've found the right place! New and happy Berkeley K.I.S.S. parent

July 2011

I'm looking for a Spanish immersion or bilingual pre-school that will take a two year old. The reviews for KISS in Oakland are kind of old and kind of sparse. Anyone have any recent thoughts? Thank you.

My four-year old daughter just graduated from KISS preschool in Montclair. She attended for one year and we were very happy with the school. Our daughter loved her teachers and learned a substantial amount of Spanish (she did not know any Spanish before attending). I found the four-year old class to be structured and organized. My daughter is very independent and the teachers were very patient with her and eventually they were able to draw her out and get her to participate with the group of students. Her teachers were Juliana and Marita. I highly recommend this preschool! jandc
June 2011

Hi BPNers, We are located in San Leandro and looking for a Spanish immersion preschool for our daughter. She'll be 2 this fall. I've read some good reviews of Kids Into Speaking Spanish/KISS, but the archives are a bit outdated. I'd love to hear some more recent reviews, especially of the Montclair site. Thanks!

Our daughter is currently in the 2s class at KISS in Montclair and it's a perfect fit for us. Spanish immersion was our top priority when selecting a pre-school. I honestly didn't have too many other special expectations or requirements, but I have been really pleasantly surprised with the wonderful environment and program at KISS. The teachers, too, are incredibly warm and kind, consistent, and attentive. There are about 6 kids in the class on a lean day and maybe 11 or so when it's a full house - just the right size for us. The classroom is small-ish but has a good vibe - LOTS of colorful art and cheerful kids playing together or exploring the space solo. The curriculum comes through, even in the 2s class. My daughter has picked up several Spanish words and idioms, and sings as many Spanish as English songs now. The Director, Maribel, is very accessible and responsive (in person and via email, yay!), and gets to know each child and family personally. I wish the outdoor space was a little bigger and more interesting, but for little ones, it seems to be plenty. Hope this helps. Buena suerte! KISS Mom
Sept 2008

We are looking at this preschool, taking a tour in October. We would love to hear from families who have children attending or who have attended this school. Thank you! G

I've sent my little guy to KISS-Montclair, it's worked out for our family and we are all pleased with it. My son started in the 2's class last year. He started with the M-F 9-12 program.

They are very flexible up there. If my son has to stay late or be droped off early, it's never a problem. I learned Spanish as a young adult, but don't speak it at home. I am very happy that he is getting exposure to Spanish. He totally understands when you speak to him in Spanish...he doesn't speak it though. His cousin just started there 2 days/week in the 4's class and he is already trying to speak Spanish.

I also like that the staff is generally hispanic and subsequently transmits some hispanic culture. There is lots of affection. Nathaniel has a great teacher and is very fortunate to have her this year too (after a zillion parent requests and pleas).

Even my dad now speaks their praise. He was very skeptical at first (different culture...different language....who knows?). My dad does a lot of the drop off and pick up and has much more contact with them than I have.

Happy with works out great for our family situation. jq Judy

Nov 2007

Re: Preschool for a 4 yo in Montclair area
We are happy at the new KISS (Kids Into Speaking Spanish) program in Montclair if you are interested in an immersion program. It's right at the corner of Mountain and Snake Rd. I know that there are openings in my son's class and he will also be 4 in the beginning of the year. Their website is Feel free to email directly if you have any specific questions. es

April 2007

Does anyone have any experience/feedback with ''Kids Into Speaking Spanish'' preschool in Walnut Creek (or the former location in Lafayette)? I can't find anything on BPN and am interested to learn from a parents perspective. Thanks. anon

KISS is a wonderful program that I will recommend to anyone who is serious about having their child learn Spanish. From day one, the children are immersed in Spanish and will understand quite a bit before they can actually speak it. The teachers are all native Spanish speakers from various Latin American countries. My son has attended KISS since he turned two and will continue in the after-school Spanish program next fall when he is in Kindergarten. If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact me. martha
KISS (Kids Into Speaking Spanish) is a FABULOUS program. My child has been attending for 3 years and is fluent in Spanish (he just turned 5). I am amazed. My child knows I no longer understand him (my Spanish is limited to a few key words) and he loves that (me too). Great kids, dedicated teachers, happy atmosphere. They learn all the stuff one learns in pre-school (colors, numbers, how to get along with one another), it just happens to be in Spanish. No issues on learning English (like my father feared), he does better than fine in both languages. It is an education your child will have forever. Highly recommended. Good luck in the decision process. sb
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