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KidsLand on Dwight (Berkeley, CA)

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Sept 2013

Re: Home-based Spanish immersion preschools
Check out any of the various Kidsland locations in S. Berkeley. There are at least 3, run by different members of the same extended family. They each have their own style, all are native speakers, all seem to be dedicated providers. former Kidsland parent

Sept 2012

Re: Spanish Home-Based Preschools (S. Berk or Oakland)
Try one of the various branches of Kidsland. There are various members of the O'Campo family running various Spanish immersion daycare / home-based preschools in S. Berkeley. You can get all of their various #s from Bananas. JB

Kidsland is just this-a home-based all Spanish daycare for babies to kinder. I kept my son there through kinder. it is loving, stimulating, and wonderful. I considered it a play-based preschool since they go above and beyond what a daycare is-music and art and educational activities all with a loving, enriching environment. There is one part of Kidsland which is for babies to young toddlers which is on Oregon and M.L.K. in Berkeley and there is another Kidsland where the older kids go on Russell and MLK. Kidsland is a hidden gem because they do not advertise or have a website and it is not well known but it is truly a special place. You have to be persistent and call them multiple times because they tend not to focus on administrative tasks like following up to messages from interested parents focusing more on their daily activities with the kids, but I have another son there and know that there are openings. Please feel free to email me and I can give you the cell phones of the Kidsland caregivers/teachers and answer any more questions. If you Google Kidsland Berkeley, a phone number (landline with voicemail for Kidsland) will come up. We chose Kidsland over Centro Vida preferring the homier environment and smaller group of kids. People overlook daycare assuming it is not as stimulating as a formal preschool but Kidsland is not a typical daycare. In addition, the children of English-speaking families at Kidsland are bilingual by the time they leave since it is an all-Spanish environment! -DC (happy parent at Kidsland in Berkeley)
Feb 2012

Hello, I am looking at childcare for my child who is under 1 year. I am looking into Kidsland, can anyone tell me if you have had any experiences with them? Thank you so much! Mom of infant

I'm happy to have to opportunity to endorse Kidsland. My daughter started there at 12 months and I soon fell in love with Tey and Mara, and all of the children there. It was everything and more of what I was looking for... fresh healthy food (they even soak their own grains to make homemade cereal!), love and affection for the kids, creative activities, music, a very peaceful nap room, lots of positive reinforcement... I could go on and on. Kidsland is a yet undiscovered gem. When they moved from Castro Valley to Berkeley, we considered staying with them, but the commute was just too far. We miss them dearly! As they say, the proof is in the pudding... The Kidsland kids are all so smart and happy, with glowing smiles and good manners. This place is very special. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Audrey
There are several home-based daycares and preschools going by the name ''Kidsland,'' and they are all connected. Carmen and David run one in Berkeley, Marianna runs another esp for preschool aged kids, and Mara and Te just moved to Berkeley from Castro Valley. This is an extended family with many collective years of experience with daycare and preschool. There is yet another branch in San Leandro, and more relatives running daycares in Berkeley under different names.

I started with Mara and Te in Castro Valley, and moved with them to Berkeley. My son is 3.5, and I've been lobbying for more ''older'' kids to join, so that they can form a preschool group. JB

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