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Joyce Newton Family Day Care (Berkeley, CA)

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May 2013

I would like to share this wonderful licensed daycare located in Elmwood, very close to College Ave and Rockridge. My daughter now 2, has been going to Joyce since she was 3 months old. My son also attended 4 years ago.

I learned about Joyce at the recommendation of a friend/co-worker who also sent their daughter and son. Knowing her over 6 years now, we consider Joyce a dear part of our family, who we love and trust completely.

Joyce has over 20 years of experience in early child care and development including a degree in this field. With lots of love, guidance and experience, my daughter has a full day of art activities, reading, music, local ''field trips'', healthy home cooked meals and the daily routines that they need.

I think the biggest testament, is that my son, now in first grade, still runs to Joyce and gives her a big hug every time he sees her.

Currently, she has an opening for a lovely family to join her small group of children. She usually cares for 4-6 children at a time, ages ranging from infants to approx 3 years of age, graduating at Pre-school age.

Please contact Joyce directly to set up a time to meet her and her ''kids''. I am also happy to answer any questions about my experience. Jen

April 2013

Hello- we are considering placing our son in Joyce Newton's family daycare home on Benvenue in Berkeley. We found her through Bananas, and there are no reviews posted on BPN (just one mention of her from someone who did not actually have a child there). Any feedback on your experience would be much appreciated!

So funny, my mom was just talking about her when we were driving through the elmwood last night because I was in Joyce Newton's daycare and she could not remember which street it was on. However, as I am 37, I am not sure how first hand or useful my review would be. Mom has good things to say about her though. anon
Nov. 1998

In regards to Joyce Newton's Family Day Care. I have known Joyce for many years and have first hand knowledge of her home and day care. She is a very nurturing person her home is lovely and full of things for children to do. I haven't had a child of my own placed there (I was too young, her daughter and I were best friends from Jr. High thru college). But my aunt placed both of her children with Joyce and she was quite pleased if you'd like to discuss this further or would like references from former parents feel free to e-mail me. If I recall correctly she was a little pricey but that was my opinion before I had kids. Now I realize that day care is just an expensive business. Kimberli

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