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Eden Child Care Home (Oakland, CA)

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Nov 2013

Eden Day Care Home will have 1 opening in a month for a child under 2. My daughter will be starting preschool in sometime towards the beginning of December and will no longer be going to the the day care. She is now in attendance and loves it there. All of the parents with children at Eden Day Care Home can give Hee Sook Kim, the primary caretaker, a great recommendation. Hee Sook Kim is a former elementary school teacher in Korea. She is an amazing daycare provider and are also bilingual (Korean and English). Mrs. Kim's hours are reasonably flexible and it is also very affordable as compared to some of the places that I have looked at. They are loving and provide fun filled activities throughout the day and delicious home cooked meals and healthy snacks. You can see that Mrs. Kim is passionate about what she does and has a genuine love for children. As a working parent I was blessed to have found a wonderful place for my daughter. I highly recommend Eden Day Care Home.

Oct 2008

Re: Full-time, playbased, preschool near Glenview
We just started our 2 year old son at a day care/ play based family child care home in Oakland; near Glenview on 21st Ave at E 29th. [2935 21st Ave.] It is called Eden Child Care Home and is run by Mrs. Kim and her husband, a retired Korean Methodist minister. We are only into week 2 but so far, so good... not fancy but safe and fun for our little guy, who is starting full time this week. Check it our for yourself-- I would love to hear your impressions as well. Their number is 510-533-3922. It is affordable, they serve mostly organic food, and have flexible hours. I would say it is about 7 blocks from Park& Beaumont intersection ( I am not sure about what part of Glenview you live in.... ) I looked at other preschools near Glenview but they were mostly just far too expensive for me, or strict in regards to hours..... Anyway, i hope this is helpful to you... Elena

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