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Dragonfly Preschool

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Editor Note (March 2011): we were unable to find a license number for this daycare at CCLD, and we assume it is no longer in operation.

July 2000

My 2.5 year old boy goes to Dragonfly 2 days a week since he is 13 month old. The school has recently gone through a difficult period with a lot of turn-over in the staff.Finally, a new Director has been hired. She has started on June 1st. I have to say that I decided first to stay at Dragonfly because the community of parents is really nice and diverse. I wanted to give the school a chance to recover from all the changes. Since the new director started, just 2 month ago, the situation seems stabilized and things have changed for the best. Isabelle Mussard has a lot of positive energy that she seems to be able to communicate : new staff has been hired ; the curriculum is being readjusted ; the whole space has been physically improved inside and outside (herb and bugs garden planted, new spatial organisation...) Above all, one can feel that everybody - director, teachers and parents- is working together again in the same direction. I decided to put my 11 month-old girl for 3 days a week, starting in September. She could be part of the same group as yours... And she is French too !(I'm also French) In one word, I'm happy with Dragonfly and confident that the future of the school will be even more attractive.


My 2.5 year old has been attending since January and loves the school. The Director is fantastic and has recruited wonderful staff. This is a great complement to the already-existing strong sense of community. Jane


I noticed that my daughters preschool (Dragonfly) wasn't listed on the UCB parents web page. I just wanted to give it my hearty recommendation and let people know that there are current openings. It's a non-profit preschool with a unique pro-diversity philosophy and quite reasonable rates ($560 full time). Craig
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