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Conexiones Play School / Aventuras (El Sobrante, CA)

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June 2013

Re: Summer Camp/Program for 4 year old
I highly recommend AVENTURAS ( to which my 3-year old daughter has the privilege of being a part of. It is a bilingual (Spanish-English) outdoor day camp that offers children a unique hands-on experience of their environment that further enhance their natural curiosity and vivid imagination whilst building self-confidence, camaraderie and sportsmanship. My daughter has been in the program since April 2013 (once a week) and in this short period of time, I see her blossom with such confidence, joy and enthusiasm. From day 1, she took home with her some Spanish words like pato and gracias, and as she becomes familiar with the language, I observe that she is more receptive to learning it and other languages too. Most of all, I love that she is simply having fun and enjoying the freedom of exploring and learning about the world around her at her own pace with the appropriate educational input. She loves every single day camp and always look forward to the next one. Every week there is a different venue for the day camp (which they get to vote on on the day itself) and this brings about further excitement and motivation for the kids. I previously enrolled my daughter to a conventional pre-school for a summer program and in comparison to AVENTURAS, I can absolutely see the better advantages of this program - children in general are happier, inspired and adapted. Although I actually think that an amalgam of AVENTURAS and pre-school is also worth considering esp. at a later time nearing school age. Having said that, the AVENTURAS program is very flexible with choices between 1 to 5 days of day camps with extended hours plus the bonus option of being a chaperon parent which allows you to get involve with your child's adventure whilst learning Spanish too!!! As a chaperon parent myself, I can only say that this is truly a unique and rewarding experience for me and my daughter as we form lifetime of wonderful memories together which I know we will never cease to cherish. I appreciate that chaperoning may not be feasible to all parents but not to fret as AVENTURAS would welcome your participation at any time. Tia Kimba, the founder and administrator of the program, is a mother herself and always helpful and accommodating with the children's welfare first in mind. It is definitely worth looking into this unconventional type of pre-school program if you wish for your children to be more well-rounded, confident and candidly delightful about the simple pleasures of life that we tend to forget. CHF

April 2013

My daughter comes home announcing she is an ''eco-hero'' (in Spanish of course). We love this program because it has:
* excellent bilingual instruction-and she started with zero Spanish
* a teacher that is highly educated (and not burnt out)
* transportation provided toand from El Sobrante/Pinole/Berkeley/Oakland/Orinda!!!
* great inspiration like ecology, diverse cultures, agriculture, democracy
* accommodation for preschoolers, home schoolers or work at home moms (like me) who need a break
* only 6 kids in this small group- tons of attention, flexible schedule
* Before and Aftercare available
* Great summer camp, few restrictions about how few/many days you can attend Plus, parents who chaperone trips get price reduction (and learn Spanish) Happy Aventuras family!

Jan 2013

New, Exceptional Preschool option in El Sobrante (El Sobrante/Pinole surrounding areas)

Parent Suggesting Preschool: FINALLY, we have found an amazing teacher and preschool learning environment for our daughter in El Sobrante.

***PROS: Kimba, the teacher, is educated and really engaged
Field-trips in nature, museums and libraries (all included)
She's learning Spanish
Tiny class size
Gorgeous learning studio in the hills
Food is communal, and mostly provided
Safety, Politeness and Leadership are taught with kindness
Earth-friendly, Peaceful and Cross-cultural values are center-stage
Work-trade and Sliding scale available, flexible options
My daughter is excited about learning again
The teacher picks her up and drops her off at our house! (if you live near El Sobrante)

Limited hours (best for SAHM/WAHM/Homeschoolers or to supplement other care)

***Kimba had a thriving program in SF, and (lucky us) she has moved to El Sobrante this year. She is licensed and can take a few new students in January. Please email her now, so she can take your needs into account when she makes the new schedule.

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