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Cheburashka Home Daycare (Berkeley, CA)

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Jan 2014

Re: Good quality day care in North Berkeley
My son is attending Cheburshka daycare/home-care, since he was 2.5 years old. It is located near North Berkeley BART station and the city park. The home-cooked meals are included. Children take a nap in real cribs. They spend a lot of time outside in a fenced yard shaded my several trees. Every week they go to the park and make crafts every week as well. They have the same set of teachers so kids het used to them very well. Above all, it is extremely reasonably priced. Best of luck, Victoria

Dec 2013

Hi, I need feedback on Cheburashka daycare (located in Berkeley), as I am considering sending my child there. Any thoughts,impressions on this daycare? I have read the two or so reviews on BPN about this daycare, but would love to hear more. Thank you very much! Amy

My son is 2.5 years old and has been going to Cheburashka since June 2013. We love it there. The meals are home-made. They have fresh soup every day. Other meals include yogurt, fruits, and cooked cereals, not breakfast styled ones. The daycare has its own gently shaded yard. Every week they walk over to the city park nearby. Children sleep inside proper cribs. They make art projects couple of times a week. Teachers help with potty-training. Teachers are sweet and loving. Best wishes Victoria
My two year old daughter has been very happy at Cheburashka. Over Thanksgiving, she asked to go to daycare because she missed Vicky and the other kids. I love the age range of kids, and though we do not speak Russian at home, she speaks fluently there. My daughter has also become a very good eater, they provide mostly organic breakfast, lunch, and snacks, which they cook for the kids. They were fine with using cloth diapers her first year there, and are now fostering her interest in potty-training (no pressure though). I am happy to answer any questions you might have. Best, Rita
Aug 2012

I had a wonderful experience with Cheburashka Day Care. Both of my daughters attended for several years, starting as infants. They are now both very healthy and very well adjusted socially, which I partly attribute to Vicky's commitment to the kids' development. My kids were always good eaters, but I know several parents were concerned about their child's eating habits and growth, and Vicky very consistently turned them into well-fed happy eaters. Most of the food is organic, from the daily scrambled eggs and potatoes breakfast,to the the wonderful soups that she cooks fresh daily. I was very happy with how both children gained confidence in dealing with other kids, many of whom are international and from multilingual homes. There is plenty of outdoor play in the yard and trips to the park. Staffing is typically 1:3 or better. Vicky and her workers are all bilingual Russian, so this is a great place especially if you want your child to learn Russian, or at least be exposed to it. You can reach Vicky at(510)287-6873

July 2012

Our son thrived at Cheburashka home daycare located in North Berkeley, just a few blocks from the North Berkeley Bart station. The care providers are very kind and made our son feel like a part of the family from day one. Not only was he well cared for, he was fed well (organic foods), potty trained and learned how to speak Russian. You can reach them at: Good luck with your search! Jen

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