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Carmen's Family Daycare (Oakland, CA)

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Editor Note: There is also a Carmen's Daycare in Berkeley
June 2013

We've been looking for information on Carmen's Family Daycare in Oakland's Glenview, but haven't been able to find much. We'd love to hear from families that have experience there--good or bad. Thanks!

I've put 2 kids at Carmen's Family Day Care and really appreciated them. They are run by two licensed day care providers named, Carmen who are loving, warm and also good with setting appropriate limits. They give lots of hugs. Both of my kids think fondly of them. They were great at helping my infant daughter transition. It was tough on both ends but they were determined to help her adjust. Now she is just so attached to them and thinks of them on the weekends. They care about the kids and ask about them even when they move on to preschool. They also have raised appropriate concerns about my son's development which I really appreciated being a new mother at that time. I just felt they were another pair of eyes who looked after my children and helped me raise them. They read to them everyday and encourage you to share a book for them to read during the day. If there were any drawbacks for some parents, it is that they do let the children watch TV on rainy days. I really can't say enough about how much I and my children will miss them when my last child will leave. Lisa
Oct 2005

Carmen's Family Daycare, in the lower Glenview area of Oakland, has openings for a few lucky babies or toddlers. This is a loving home-based daycare run by two women named Carmen. They are exceptionally loving, conscientious, and trustworthy. My daughter is there now, as was my son before her. A bunch of kids went to preschool in September, so they have room to spare. Hours are 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. They can be reached at 530-3276. Please contact me if you would like more information. Laura

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