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Berkeley Urban Garden School (Berkeley, CA)

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Feb 2014

I'm writing to highly recommend the Berkeley Urban Garden School preschool. With much sadness, because of moves we're needing to leave the BUGS community early. BUGS is an incredible place for children to spend time. My son was in the first class of this new West Berkeley preschool (created by teachers who'd run a school in SF for over a decade) and it's become a small, homey, group with four experienced, attentive, nurturing, knowledgable, and creative teachers and a wonderful group of kids and parents. BUGS uses emergent curriculum but does have a particular strength in introducing the kids to gardening and incorporating music, song and instruments into their daily activities. The space is lovely to be in and stimulating for learning while the kids have lots of fun. The teaches provide nutritious home-cooked meals and snacks and my child quickly developed numerous attachments to teachers, other kids, and looks forward to attending. Whomever takes my son's spot is lucky to be joining such a wonderful school community. Pleased parent

Jan 2013

The reviews of the Berkeley Urban Garden School are only based upon experience of the teachers at their last site. I'd love to hear about what parents of kids at BUGS have to say about it's strengths and weaknesses. I also can't find on the website what ages they work with. Thanks!

Our daughter has been going here for 4 months and we (and she) absolutely love BUGS (Berkeley Urban Garden School). We feel so fortunate to have gotten in before they were full! The teachers Molly, Dana and Claire are incredibly nurturing, fun, and patient teachers. They foster an environment of learning, sharing, and play while honoring each child's individuality. They are very like-minded to what we teach our daughter at home so we feel so lucky to have found them. What I love the most is that my daughter learns by doing/living life. At BUGS they cook, make art, invent games, garden, play outside a lot, and clean-up together - and have so much fun doing all of it! I believe they start at about 18 months and go up to pre-school. Hope this helps! I cannot say enough good things. Monica B.
Aug 2012

I am very familiar with the three women who run BUGS (Berkeley Urban Garden School). My son attended the child development center in SF run by Molly from the age of 3 months to 5 years. My daughter also started at 3 months and went up to 2 years (unfortunately the center closed and I had to find a different day care). I feel very fortunate to have found such an amazing school for my very young kids. Molly provided amazing leadership, vision, strong sense of community, and compassion. Claire is a gifted arts teacher and Dana is an incredible educator. They all are extremely talented in dealing with kids. To this day both kids and parents have fond memories of the old daycare/ preschool. I am so glad that more kids will benefit from Molly, Claire and Dana's expertise and talents.

Aug 2012

Molly, Claire and Dana create a magical place where learning is fun and children feel safe and confident - less a school and more and extended family. They helped raise our children with love, care and warmth. I highly recommend them to any family with young children. Tim

July 2012

Congratulations to all you lucky families that have the opportunity to enroll your kids at Berkeley Urban Garden School! I can not speak highly enough of Molly, Dana, and Claire who cared for my sons at Children's Village in San Francisco. They helped me through the toddler and preschool years by providing excellent early education and family support. These women are some of the most caring, creative and supportive women I know. My children had the best experience with them. I was very involved in the school and know first hand the level of commitment and compassion and intelligence they bring to any environment they are involved in. If you are looking for a great, nuturing and creative daycare/school for your child this is no doubt it. A very happy momma

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