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Benvenue Children's House (Berkeley, CA)

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Feb 2012

Is Benvenue Children's House still around? I tried calling the number in BPN and on SavvySource and it no longer goes through. Does anyone have any recent experience with this school, as we looked at it a while ago and am interested in it now. Thanks curious Mom

yes, benvenue children's house still exists and it is a wonderful preschool. our son is in his second year there and we feel like it has allowed him to thrive in countless ways - socially, emotionally, and academically. we particularly appreciate the substantial time the school devotes to music, art, culinary arts, and gardening, and how the school explores and embraces culture in a way that truly celebrates how our children are part of a global community. rosemary (who runs the school), djuna, iris, and all of the other educators there are the best at what they do. we feel extremely fortunate to have our son there and will be sad to leave come kindergarten. leo
Nov 2003

Re: Seeking smaller preschool for shy 3 1/2 year old
I see you've already received alot of recommendations for preschools. But I wanted to put in a word for my son's preschool. He was also a very shy boy and we were concerned about the sizes of the preschools which we visited, many of them just felt overwhelming. We found a wonderful, small montessori school in Berkeley, called Benvenue Children's House. Rosemary has been teaching the school for over 25 years, she is a gifted educator and her program is exceptional (dance, languages, cultural events, cooking). Georgie, the second teacher in the school, has also been there for years and is also a real gem. The school is in a very sweet little house on a lovely street. It would be a shame not to see it. She only takes about 16 children each year, but she may have openings for next year, so please give her a call. Wonderful place. Her number is (510) 540-6550. the2nibs

February 2003

Re: Intimate, warm preschool with fewer than 20 kids
I'd recommend Benvenue Children's House in the Elmwood area of Berkeley. It is exactly as you described a small preschool in a private home with two wonderful and very experienced teachers. I believe they are in the phone book and the contact is Rosemary Richie. My daughter started there at 2 and a half until five and was quite happy. patinegypt

October 2001

I'm looking for parent information on Benvenue Children's Center in Berkeley -- anyone have any pros or cons to pass on? molly & todd

My child has been at Benvenue for two months and I like it very much. Rosemary is a legend, and has been a "kid" person for a long time. I also like the field trips, dance etc. My daughter always comes home singing a new song. There is no "nap" time, however, and this is a drawback for me, but one that I'm living with. Kelly
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