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San Leandro Aquatic Center (San Leandro, CA)

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Oct 2009

Re: Toddler/baby pool in east bay
A neighbor just recommended the San Leandro Aquatic Center to me (my daughter is 9 months.) I haven't been there but she said that admission is $4. You can find some info on the city of San Leandro website. Laura

July 2008

Has anyone been to the san leandro family aquatic park? The pictures look good, but I have never been there. Would love to hear any pros or cons. I'm interested in things like: how crowded is it? do they have food? is there parking? how clean is it? what age kids tend to go there? mom to 2 new swimmers

Hi! The San Leandro Aquatic Center is SUPER fun! Very clean - just opened last summer. Very close, free parking. Younger kids go there - I would say 5th grade on down. It is a great place for non-swimmers because most of it isn't deep at all. I'm not sure about a snack bar, but you can bring food in. Helena
Love the San Leandro aquatic park. They don't serve food but you can bring your own. I haven't been this year (we moved out of the area), but last year the lawn was very nice and great for the blanket picnic day. They also had tables and some music (not too loud or annoying) going in the background. Everything was super clean and they had lifeguards everywhere. It is crowded and unless you have to be in the pool (because of your kids age or ability to swim), it's not really for adults. It was great fun to have a 9 year old's b-day party there. The kids had a blast. There is parking. Cris
I recently attended a birthday party at SL Aquatic park. It was NOT a place I would ever attend again.. I t was waaaay to crowded, and the adults seemed to take over the park. I did not like the environment there. While the children seemed to enjoy the park I t just felt to crowded for me and a 1yr. old. This was my experience. I attended on a hot day maybe that contributed to over the large amounts of people. Sorry I cannot confidently recommend. Vote
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