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FourthStreet FitCamp (Berkeley, CA)

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April 2009

Re: Getting fit - what was the name of that gym?
It's FourthStreet FitCamp Class. It's awesome! I've been going to classes during the week and they now offer a Saturday 9 am class. Eva, one of the trainers, is super high energy and is great at tailoring the class to fit your needs - especially for moms! (she has 2 kids too!). I highly recommend you check it out. Eva is also a personal trainer and has flexible hours. You can do either the class or personal training or both. More info: or call 510-367-7568. Diane

April 2009

Re: Getting fit - what was the name of that gym?
I had my third child in July and I just finished a six week session at the boot/fit camp I think you are referring to in your request. It was fantastic!! I think the 4th Street Fit Camp is filling a really important gap that has existed in helping woman feel strong and physically capable while also raising a family and managing all that goes along with the journey of parenthood. They are incredibly encouraging and are open to having the babies join.....I've even brought my middle child and the baby to a work out that was at MLK field. It is so nice to be back in a work-out routine and I must say one of the hardest things to do is to squeeze in time for myself right now, but the class is so enjoyable and the three woman that run it are really motivating and bring such unique attributes to the table.....across the board it makes the experience so worthwhile!!

Here is the info, it would be fun to have you join the crew! I love the timing and pricing scheme as it makes it realistic given all of the other demands on my time! Oh, and I almost forgot, I lost 4 inches off of my waist in 6 weeks going 2 times a not only is it fun and realistic, but they also get results!! Classes are M,W, F, and Sat. 9:30am AND 11:30am Email: or call:510-367-7568 Finally Getting Fit

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