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Local Businesses with Diaper-Changing Facilities

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From: Laurel (12/98)

Just an FYI for parents with kids in diapers: There is a changing table in the bathroom at Cody's on Fourth Street. In addition, the Cody's bathroom is better maintained than the bathroom in Peet's. My husband also tells me there is a changing table in the bathroom at the Berkeley Bowl.

From: Ginger (12/98)

Poppy Fabric has always had a nice setup too.

From: Gail (12/98)

Whole Foods on Telegraph and Ashby has bathrooms equipped with changing stations, and the facilities have always been very clean when I've used them.


Just thought I would post this to be added to the list of locations that are "diaper friendly". I don't remember seeing it posted in December, but please forgive me if it is duplicate information. At Hilltop Mall there is a "Family Restroom". It is located in the hall that leads to the security office and the mall restrooms, in the JC Penney wing of the mall. My husband and I discovered this restroom by accident, but we just loved it. It is private, only one "family" at a time can go in. There is a buzzer (like a security buzzer in an apartment building) that will open the door if the restroom is not occupied. The restroom consists of two rooms, a washroom with a counter to change diapers on (And what appears to be disposable diaper dispenser) and plenty of room to manuever your stroller. The toilet room has a standard size toilet, and a child size toilet. Also, on the wall accross from the large toilet is a fold down seat you can strap your baby into while you use the facility. We found the bathroom to be very clean. I really liked the idea because either parent can take a child into the bathroom.


A recent posting reminded me that there is also a Family Restroom (same description as the one at Hilltop) at the Sun Valley Mall, in roughly the same location (entrance hallway near JCP's).

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