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Courthouse Athletic Club

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  • Reviews of the Courthouse Gym
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    Reviews of the Courthouse Gym

    Feb 2004

    Re: Looking for a gym near Rockridge for morning workouts
    Hi, I recommend the Courthouse Athletic Club. I live in Upper Rockridge and drive there three mornings a week for the 6:30 am step class (sounds like you will be arriving way earlier if you need to be heading home at 6:30!). What I like most about the club is the fact that most of the clients are older folks (ie: 35+). The parking lot is convenient as well. --Officially a member of the older crowd

    Childcare at the Courthouse Gym

    Nov 2003

    Re: Gym with Infant Care

    When I asked this same question a few months back, several people responded positively about Courthouse Athletic Club on Telegraph Ave & 30th St. I have since joined and have been pleased with their child care. It is available 9-2 M-Sat and 4- 8 T-Th. They do provide infant care. schackmermin

    Jan 2003

    Re: Has anyone used childcare at local gyms?

    I am a member of the Courthouse Athletic Club and their childcare is pretty good. I really love Iesha, the main childcare provider who is there most of the time. I do have a concern with the second provider, however, who watches the kids in the afternoon. I'm not sure if she is still employed there because I haven't been to the club in about 6 months, but she is very inexperienced and I stopped leaving my son with her after the first couple of times, and scheduled my work outs for the mornings. She is a young Eritrean woman but I don't remember her name. Also, the room is not the greatest: the windows don't open and it is sometimes stuffy in there, which seems a little gross to me. burns

    I've been using Courthouse childcare for the past six months and have been very satisfied. Aisha is warm and attentive with my son and has extended herself in helpful ways, e.g. walking us out to the parking lot one day when my son had fallen asleep and I had too much stuff to carry. The only problem has been when I've arrived at 9 AM and found no childcare person there yet, though other Courthouse staff have been willing to fill in until she gets there. Avi

    The Courthouse gym on Telegraph Ave. in Oakland has a childcare co-op - I think - you can get a reduced membership fee if you help out with childcare. It also has a parking lot!!!!

    October 2001

    My husband and I are members of the Courthouse Athletic Club, an old-timer of a place located on Telegraph Ave close to downtown Oakland (with very convenient access to highways 24 and 880). We make regular use of the gym's childcare room, which is clean, stuffed with toys (which I regularly see being wiped down), and staffed by conscientious young women. Babysitting hours are 8-2 Mon-Sat, and 4-8 on Wed and Thursday. I started taking my daughter there as early as 3 months--if she cried for more than a few minutes (which happened frequently in those early months), the staff would page me over the loudspeaker and I would just go back and comfort her. Now, at almost 16 months, she loves going there, and runs down the hallway to get to the room. Darcy

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