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Pediatrician who has time for longer appts

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May 2002

We are looking for a pediatrician who could meet with us for relaxed appointments. Our three year old son is VERY wary of doctors, and the rushed environment at our current busy practice makes it impossible for him to relax, and for us to have the confidence that our questions are fully addressed. We are open to paying out of pocket, even though we have insurance, to have the peace of mind we need to attend to our son's health. Other qualities we are looking for are an openness to alternative medicine, ease in connecting with children, respect for attachment parenting, and of course great diagnostic skills. Unfortunately, Dr. Gill (previously recommended here) is closing his practice, and other recommendations don't address the question of having time for longer appointments. Thanks for your recommendations! Kathy

Recommendations received:
  • Robin Winokur and David Kittums (4)
  • Jim Eichel (2)
  • Francine Yep at North Oakland Family Practice (1)
  • Christine Ciavarella at Hahnemann Clinic (1)
  • Laura Saldivar at Primary Pediatrics (1)
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