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Hi, I've looked over the advice and recommendations from the archives regarding Pediatricians in the North Bay & Contra Costa County but there is only one listing for Benicia and it was dated 7/99. I am seeking recommendations for a pediatrician in the Benicia or Vallejo area-Solano County in general. My husband and I just moved out to Vallejo in March and we don't have too many leads on great pediatricians in the area. Any recommendations will be much appreciated. Thanks, Lupe

I can recommend Dr. Alan Sher and Dr. F. Shanee Martin of North Bay Pedatricics. They have offices in both Vallejo and Benicia and their numbers are in the phone book. My children had these 2 doctors for ten years until we moved away last year. They had been recommended to us by our former pediatrician at Berkeley Pediatrics. We started off with Dr. Sher because Dr. Martin was not accepting patients at that time. Dr. Sher is very soft-spoken and was well-suited to my shy children. I also found his low-key approach very useful in calming my nerve. My daughter switched to Dr. Martin (a female doctor) as she grew older, but my son stayed with Dr. Sher. Dr. Martin is very personable and very thorough in her explanations. I truly miss these 2 pediatricians. Annie
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