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East Bay Integrative Pediatrics (Albany, CA)

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July 2011

Re: Pediatrician in United Healthcare Insurance system
You should contact Amy Maidenberg at East Bay Integrative Pediatrics. She's the exact opposite of the hurried, dismissive pediatrician. I've found her to be super responsive, thorough, patient with my questions and, overall, an excellent doctor. My daughter contracted a rare skin condition that Dr. Maidenberg diagnosed within 15 seconds of looking at it -- and was just as quick to reassure me. She's always been available when I needed her and I like too that she's a mother of two so she's expert at the non-medical stuff too. She's also supportive of alternative treatments, including vaccination schedules. She's out of network, but gives you a claim form that's already filled out and ready to be mailed in for reimbursement so it's not a big deal. Anon

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