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East Oakland Pediatrics

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Physicians reviewed on this page: Julian Davis, Carol Glann

Nov 2009 note: Dr. Glann has moved to her own practice in Oakland: 3055 MacAthur Blvd. Oakland CA 94602.

Jan 2008

Re: Pediatrician in Alameda or Oakland that accepts Medi-Cal
I LOVE Dr. Carol Glann or Dr. Julian Davis at East Oakland Pediatrics. They are located at 5461 Foothill Blvd. I have regular insurance but I know they take Medi-Cal. Dr. Glann is EXCELLENT but Dr. Davis has been good too when I've seen him. Their number is 510 532-0918
Pediatrician that accepts Medi-Cal

Feb 2006

Re: Black Pediatrician

East Oakland Pediatrics Inc 
(510) 532-0918 
5461 Foothill Blvd 
Oakland, CA 94601
I love this practice! The black pediatrician is Dr. Julian Davis and his partner is Dr. Carol Glann. Although Dr. Glann is our pediatrician, we have seen Dr. Davis when she is not available and he is very good as well.

Dr. Glann has been my boys' pediatrician for 9 years now and I absolutely LOVE her. She will take time to answer all your questions and personally returns calls if you need to speak with her. They do answer your questions and take time with you so this sometimes lead to a longer wait time than I want but it is worth it to me. The office staff has been there a long time and are really helpful.

I currently live in Maxwell park, so this is convenient but I have traveled from all over Oakland to stay with this practice. It is a private office set up in a two-story home and is quite quaint and they have a very diverse clientele.

Don't be put off by the location because you will be miss out some great medical care for your children. sharlene

Re: African-American Family doctors (Dec 2002)
We go to Julian R. Davis, whose office is at 5461 Foothill Blvd. in Oakland (580 to High, R on High to Foothill, L on Foothill, about 1/2 mile to the office). Their number is (510) 532-0918. Dr. Davis was, I think, the first African American resident at Children's Oakland thirty some-odd years ago, and has never stopped advocating and serving his community. He's a fantastic doctor, highly skilled, very personable and great with kids and parents. His patients and office staff, nurses, etc. are multiracial and multilingual and from multiple age and economic strata. We (me and my pediatrician husband, both white) chose Davis because of all these factors and because he was one of the people my husband trusted most as a resident at CHO. There are several other CHO-trained pediatricians, black and white, who bring their kids to Davis as well.

A couple of drawbacks, one general and one more per your question: he sees a lot of patients and the wait in the afternoons especially can be long, so try to make appointments in the morning for well kids checkups; his associate is Carol Glann, an equally fantastic doctor who will see your girls as they approach adolescence, or if Dr. Davis is out. Dr. Glann is white; if that's a problem, they may not be the place for you. Good luck with your search! Valerie

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