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Pediatrician for Adopted & Foster Children

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Peditrician who has experience with foster kids and their issues?

March 2012

Can anyone recommend a pediatrician in the Richmond, San Pablo, El Cerrito area that has experience with foster children and their issues? I know Children's Hospital Oakland has an excellent clinic, but looking for something closer to the Richmond area. thanks so much! anonymous

We would recommend Kiwi Pediatrics, they have an office in Albany on San Pablo, and another on Alcatraz in Berkeley. They are both affiliated with Children's Hospital as well, and have probably 25 years experience each. They have worked with foster parents, and some of the special needs that the children in the foster care system bring. Best

Pediatrician experienced with internationally adopted kids?

June 2000

Can anyone recommend a Berkeley based pediatrician who has experience with internationally adopted kids? Alice

My three year old,goes to Steve Kowaleski who is in practice with Jane Hunter and Ralph Berberich on Webster behind Alta Bates. I think there are several other children from other countries who go to them. Their number is 849-1744. Kathy
Steve Kowaleski has also been our pediatrician since my sons, now 11 and 7, arrived in the U.S. as infants. He's been great. They haven't had any peculiar problems related to being adopted internationally, but I was particularly impressed with the way Steve helped me prepare for the travel and stay abroad when adopting my second, including making sure I had his home and pager phone numbers. (If you haven't yet traveled to bring home your child, it's worth choosing a pediatrician ahead of time; I was too clueless to have done this with my first, but it was very reassuring the second time to know I could have called if I had needed to.)

When you do decide on someone, make sure they know about the International Adoption Clinic at the University of Minnesota Hospital (612 626-2928); it's a nationwide resource on medical issues of international adoptees. Jane See: Recommendations for the Pediatric Medical Group Berberich, Hunter, Kowaleski, Landman

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