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Philip Rush

(Pleasant Hill, CA)

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Jan 2007

Re: Pediatrician specializing in adoption
I can heartily recommend Phillip Rush, MD in Pleasant Hill. I have three children adopted from eastern Europe, and he has been great with all of them. The children have had some medical as well as emotional issues, and he has been nothing but helpful and understanding. He is an adoptive father himself, and at least a couple of his children were adopted internationally as well. The office number is 925-685-0843. Adoptive Mom

Jan 2004

Re: pediatrician in Walnut Creek or Lafayette
We love Dr. Phillip Rush in Pleasant Hill. I have 3 children and have been very happy with the care he provides . One drawback is tat after hours, if you need your child seen by an MD, you have to go to this clinic out near John Muir Hospital -- big pain. It is staffed by MDs that don't know your kid and there is usually a long wait. Recently because of insurance issues we switched briefly to Lamorinda Pediatrics in Lafayette and saw Dr. Francis and one other doctor in the practice and were really happy as well. Plus, they have some weekend hour staffed by their own MDs. If your child is sick, you speak with a doctor in the office and they either advise you over thephone or have you come in for an appt., depending on your child's needs. We almost switched permanently, but have known Dr. Ruch for so long and liked him so much that we couldn't do it. Good luck! trish

May 2003

Re: Pediatricians who take Healthy Families
I highly recommend Dr. Philip Rush in Pleasant Hill [(925) 685- 0843]. He has seen my 21-month-old daughter since birth and is now seeing my newborn. My husband and I asked three different friends for a pediatrician referral when I was pregnant with my first, and they all gave the same recommendation! And his medical/office staff are friendly, knowledable, and accommodating. When needed, they get me in to see the dr. no problem. Jackie

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