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Jeff Gill

March 2002

Dr. Jeff Gill is closing his private practice. He has recommended three peditricians in the oakland, Berkeley area. They are:
David Kittams, MD Olivia Lang, MD Berkeley Pediatric Med Group Robin Winokur, MD


Susan we used dr. jeff gill in orinda until we moved out of the area recently. we lived in oakland, but the periodic trip through the tunnel was well worth it. when we left our son was 1.5. he was very good with our son and patient with him as well as with us. i have no reason to think he would be otherwise with lesbian parents, but i don't have any concrete evidence to back that up. we only chose two vacinations to do. dr. gill is generally pro vacination, but is supportive of parents who choose not to if he feels they'v made educated decisions. so he'll give you his opinion and you do your research, which i assume you've already done. he did not treat us harshly at all for our decisions. similarly, i don't think he's a big fan of the family bed, which we use, but he is very respectful of different decisions. when i asked for advice about sleeping through the night, he told me in advance that all his methods involved crying which he knew we didn't want to do. we just told him no thanks and declined hearing his advice on this subject. we've never had to wait more than 5 minutes. he allows a LONG time for each appointment, so they never felt rushed and we had plenty of time for questions. in addition, if you run over the appointment time (45 minutes, i think), you can have extra time for a higher visit charge. he supported us using a homeopath in conjunction with his services and i think has many patients who use him as the primary care physician and see homeopaths, naturopaths and the like. i think he is willing to share records. in spite of the fact that we didn't see eye to eye on everything, i'd highly recommend him . we couldn't find another doctor that came close to having the same philosophies on everything and dr. gill is respectful and leisurely in his visits. dr. jeff gill 925 377 7337 i should also mention, he sometimes answers his phone himself (too bad that this is so shocking for a doctor) and is available for phone consultions. he returns calls promptly.
Dr. Jeff Gill 925-377-7337 is a progressive pediatrician who is known to be open to alternative choices. He is also available for home visits and is known for spending a significant amount of time with families. He may not actually practice homeopathy, but I expect he is supportive. One of several good practitioners of homeopathy for children is Christine Ciavarella, a physician assistant 510-524-3117.
India (12/99)
I can strongly recommend our pediatrician, Dr. Jeff Gill, with Progressive Pediatrics. He is wonderful with our 6 month old son- very gentle & makes him laugh. We were considering not doing any immunizations at all, although we have since decided to do selective immunization on a delayed schedule, and Dr. Gill was very supportive, non-judgmental, and informative throughout our decision making process. He is very supportive of our desire to work with a naturopath and a chiropractor- he only asks that we keep him in the loop as to what other form of treatments our son is receiving. He is also totally supportive of the family bed. We have never waited more than 3 or 4 minutes for our appointment to begin, and he takes as much time as we need with him. Our first appointment lasted for about an hour and a half because we had so many questions about immunizations! He is also great in an emergency. We had to call him on a Sunday night, and he called back (long distance to the East Coast) with a great attitude and wonderful reassuring advice. His office staff is great. Did I mention that he makes house calls? We switched to Jeff Gill after a disappointing and stressful start with Berkeley Pediatrics, and we haven't regretted the decision one bit. His phone number in Moraga is 925-377-7337 and his URL is http://www.timetocare.com. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about him!
Shanta (12/99)
I highly recommend Dr. Jeff Gill in Moraga as your childs pediatrician. He is very respectful of my views and questions. I have never waited to get in and never felt rushed either. He calls me back and discusses my concerns and he is genuinely caring of both parents and child. (I changed twice before finding him for my son and I'm glad I kept looking) So, now with all that said, you wondered about alternative health practices... he is familiar with alternative options like homeopathy, herbs and osteopathy just to name the ones I've raised and his response is one of giving you his best non-judgemental advice so that you will be most informed. He practices western medicine, but doesn't belittle the other options for staying healthy. As for being lesbian moms, I think you would be treated foremost as the parents. Dr. Gill seems very progressive in his thinking. As for insurance, you may need to check about his office policy. He runs a very alternative style practice and only recently signed up with a few select PPOs. His rates are very reasonable and the quality of care exceptional - so I bill my own insurance and get 50% back. Dr. Jeff Gill 925-377-7337 10 minutes from the Orinda exit to his office in Moraga.
From: Susan (6/99)

We love our pediatrician. Although we live in Oakland, we go through the tunnel to use him. He is Jeff Gill 1001 Country Club Drive, Suite D in Moraga phone: 925 377-7337

We like Jeff because he allows lots of time for visits. There is plenty of time to ask questions in a relaxed way. He also answers questions over the phone and returns phone calls promptly. Sometimes he has even answered the phone himself when we called (I've never heard of another md who does this). For an extra charge he does home visits. He is open to working with people who have differing opinions on some issues. For example, even though he is very pro-vaccine, after making sure we were informed, he respected our decision not to give our son all of the vaccines. We also like him because though he is very cautious, he is not interventionist. He will prescribe antiobiotics when necessary he does not do so at the drop of a hat. He recommended breast milk in the eye when our son had conjunctivitis. We also work with Christine C. Ciavarella at the Hahnemann Clinic in albany (524-3117). She has a great, gentle way with children and was helpful when our son had an ear infection. Jeff has no problem with this and is happy to work with people who are using additional homeopathic or naturalistic practicioners in addition to using him. As far as I know Dr. Jeff Gill is still taking new clients. He will do an interview with you to see if you are compatible but he won't give anything that resembles medical advice during the interview.

From: Adele (3/99)

Although no one's asked for a pediatrician recommendation, I want to sing the praises of Dr Jeff Gill in Moraga. This guy is wonderful. There's never a wait in the waiting room and he only schedules a certain number of patients per day so that he can spend as much time with you as you need. He doesn't subscribe to a nurse advice line because he wants you to call him *personally* when you have a question about your child during non-office hours. He has evening and Saturday office hours. He answers his own phone and if he is with a patient when I call, I've never had to wait more than 30 minutes for him to call me back. He makes house calls. He's very knowledgable, friendly, and responsive. Recently we had to take our son to the emergency room at Children's Hospital and he met us there within 15 minutes of our arrival there. What a difference from the times we've been there and had to wait *hours* to be seen by a complete stranger.

The *only* drawback is that he doesn't take insurance. But his fees are reasonable ($29.00 for well-child office visits, less for ear-checks etc.). He's definitely worth the drive through the tunnel. I switched from Dr. Kittams' practice which was a 5 minute drive from my house and I'm so happy I did!

Dr Gill even has a website http://www.timetocare.com.

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