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Ann Parker

(Berkeley, CA)

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May 2010

Re: Developmental pedi for 7-year-old
We recently saw Ann Parker and were really impressed. She also helped enormously by writing a very in-depth report that we were able to use in our child's IEP. She seems to really care and was helpful in deciphering some of the issues that we have been facing. Good Luck. anon.

December 2005

We have an appointment for us and our 3YO to see Dr. Anne Parker in Berkeley for some behavior issues. Does anyone have any experience with her (positive or negative) that they would care to share? THis is our first trip down this road and have no idea what to expect. Thanks! lynn

Our experience with Dr. Parker was more than 10 years ago, but we often think very fondly of her. We took our son to her when he was in the first grade and his teachers were complaining that he must have ADD or something. Dr. Parker spent a lot of time with him, testing, playing, and talking. She even went to his school to observe him on the playground and in his classroom. In his class, she was sensitive enough to include his classmates in tasks that she wanted to observe him doing. In the end, she recommended that he switch to a different school environment and that he did not have ADD. He did change schools and it made a world of difference.

I'm saying this because even though our son had no neurological difficulties, Dr. Parker made a thorough evaluation and made helpful recommendations. Years later, we would sometimes hear from her through a mutal contact. She still remembered and asked after our son. I would definitely recommend Dr. Anne Parker. Marcia

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