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Castro Valley Women's Health

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March 2005

I'm looking for a new doctor. I'd probably prefer a family practice person who would be able to provide prenatal care as well and deliver my baby. The catch is that I am pretty conservative about ''life'' -- my last obgyn didn't prescribe birth control or perform abortions in her practice... And prenatally was able to advise us on a lot of tests which (for us) were unnecessary since we didn't care if there was a problem with our baby (we'd keep it no matter what). Anyway, typically this is someone with a conservative Christian/Jewish/other background which is kind of hard to figure out when looking for a new doctor. A good bedside manner (wasn't crazy with the whole delivery by the last obgyn!) and preferrably a not-too-long wait at appointments would be great. I'm probably asking too much!! Thanks!!!

Try Dr. Leslie Hardy-Hood @ Castro Valley Women's Health. I know for a fact that she WILL NOT perform abortions. As far as birth Control goes, you would have to check with her directly. I am aware that many OB's do prescribe BC for women and young ladies for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with getting pregnant, so that may offer you some other perspective. Dr. Hardy-Hood's phone # is: (510)537-4112 OB Happy
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