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August 2011

Re: Dentist/periodontist for dental-phobe teen
Try Carole Grimme for the gum surgery. My son who is 18 had this done and it went actually very well. She is calm and very supportive.

Carol Grimm is an excellent periodontist. My husband went to her after a horrible gum surgery experience with a dentist. He's been seeing Carol Grimm for many years and is very happy with her. I don't know what insurance she accepts. anon
I finally found Dr. Engert ( I made an appointment to meet him and was blown away. I told him about the failed experience, and he seemed surprised that this apparently common procedure could be botched so badly at the start that I had left. He told me abt his experience, answered all of my questions, took the time to ask about my specific worries, and all in all made me feel comfortable. I ended up getting the graft done a few months ago. There were some side effects, and as I was overly anxious, I called his office to check in more than once in the days following the procedure. Each time, his office staff were friendly, he called me back quickly with instructions, and now things have healed well and it's just a blip in the past. I'm going to keep going to Dr Santos for cleanings, and while I hope I don't need additional gum procedures, if I do I'm only going to Dr. Engert. Can't recommend him highly enough. happier teeth now

Periodontist - Gum Graft?

Feb 2011

Last year, my dentist referred me to a periodontist in Marin who recommended that I get a gum graft to help resolve the gum recession I have on my lower teeth. I've since moved to Alameda and would like to get another opinion locally. Can anyone recommend a periodontist in the East Bay? If you've had a gum graft with someone and had a good experience, please let me know! I'm petrified of possible complications and/or the possibility that it won't take and the pain and money will be for naught. recession? indeed...

I've had two separate gum grafts by Dr. Carol Grimm on Regent Street in Berkeley. Despite how painful the procedure sounds, neither was a big deal at all. I didn't have much pain with either, and both were entirely successful. I highly recommend Dr. Grimm. She's gentle and highly skilled. L
Hi - I have had several gum grafts over the years due to severe, ongoing issues with receding gums. My treatments started back in my hometown NYC and I never thought I'd be able to find a periodontist out here who could equal my perio back east. After several fits and starts, I was referred to Dr. Keith Chertok on Ashby Avenue, one block west of College Avenue and I can't speak highly enough about him. I've had two gum grafts in the past 10 years and 2 implants and I've had little or no pain after each procedure (with bottles of leftover Tylenol 3 with codeine gathering dust in the medicine cabinet). And the grafts have held firm over the years. Dr. Chertok is extremely caring, knowledgeable and skilled and his staff is tops (Sharon is amazing). I cannot recommend him highly enough. Good luck to you! Signed: Carole Carole
My periodonist is in Alameda. He is very nice and gentle and skilled. His name is Donald Brown DDS 522-3545 and his office is at 2238 Santa Clara Ave. Candy
Dr. Grimm is in Berkeley and she is a fabulous dentist. She's done grafting on me twice. She is very gentle. She's off Ashby on Regent Street. Anonymous
Please contact Dr. Keith Chertok in Berkeley. You will be in excellent hands. I've had both dental implant surgery and gum graft surgery with Dr. Chertok and he is amazing. He explains everything as he goes along and he informs you of what you can expect. He even called my home in the evening after each of the procedures to find out how I was recovering. Dr. Chertok personally placed the call, not one of his staff members or some canned/recorded message. Clearly he cares about his patients. You can't wrong with this Doctor. julie
Dec 2010

We are recently moved to Berkeley and looking for a good dentist and periodontist. We are located in South Central Berkeley and hoping to have office close to our home; however the quality of care is more important.Many thanks. Natalie

For a periodontist, I had a great experience with Lodberg, Grimm, and Horn in Berkeley. They are on Regent St next to Alta Bates. Office has been there for 30+ years and they are honest and meticulous. A friendly staff to boot. Michelle
Nov 2009

Re: Dentist good with gum and tmj issues
If you have gum issues, I recommend periodontist Dr. Donald Brown DDS. He is very gentle and respectful, however,he has assistants who do the cleaning. He does exams and surgery. 522-3545/2238 Santa Clara Ave., Alameda

Feb 1999

I had a very positive experience with a periodonticist in Hayward. His name is Ivan D. Ancell at 886-7910. He made sure I did not have any discomfort when he performed surgery on my gums. He is also an extremely funny and personable guy. I highly recommend him. L

Chertoff--(I'm probably spelling it wrong...) was a referral from our dentist Howard Pollick and orthodontist Bob Iezman.--- Very personable and smart...good people and communication skills. Rochelle
Before you pay your periodontist for the cancelled appointment, consider this: Is there anywhere in her office or in any literature that they give you...including when you make the appointment...that they need a week's cancellation? I believe they have to have something that lets you know that this is their office policy. I would definitely challenge this. I know when I took my son to a periodontist in San Diego for a tooth extraction, they wanted 48-hour notice, but they told me this over the phone when I made the appointment. You might want to check and see if there are any guidelines with the American Dental Association as to business practice, etc. Karen
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