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Dentists Who Do Great Crowns

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Dec 2002

I'm looking for a dentist near Albany that is good at making caps and crowns. My dentist in SF is excellent and even casts his own gold crowns, but now it takes me up to two hours to get to him on public transportation. I have read the advice page, but I'd like to hear from someone who specifically had lots of crowns, both gold and porcelain, and was satisfied with the craftsmanship of their dentists.

Recommendations received:

  • Linh Cao
  • Maggie Chao
  • Daniel Cobb
  • Daniel Eckhard
  • Aaron Escalante
  • Mojdeh Hariri-Vijeh
  • Barry Hunau
  • Barry Kami (2)
  • Steven Kobayashi
  • Seymour Kurtz
  • Ken Mizono
  • Robert Peri
  • M.J. Taranow
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