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Shervin Yazdi

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Could you please let me know your experience with Dr. Yazdi in Castro Valley (good or bad)? And also let me know your experience with laser use in dental if you can. Your advice is greatly appreciated. fei

Our son, Sergio, and his cousins have been seeing Dr. Yazdi for 3 years now (since my son was 1 year old). We've been very pleased with the care that Dr. Yazdi has given Sergio. Sergio hasn't had to have anything other than cleanings, but we've had great experiences with those too. The office staff is very nice and Dr. Yazdi has a very good rapport with the kids. We especially like how he talks about "sugar bugs" - that has worked WONDERS to get our son to want to brush his teeth and floss...... If you haven't already checked it out, Dr. Yazdi has a website: http://www.dryazdi.com Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions about him. -Heather
I'm looking for a Pediatric Dentist recommendation in the San Leandro area. Does anyone have someone they like that takes Delta Dental? Dawn 9/99 Thanks.
My 2 year old sees Dr. Shervin Yazdi in Castro Valley. Dr. Yazdi and the women in his office are all great with kids. I know other people that have older kids who see him and they all feel really comfortable there. Dr. Yazdi does take Delta Dental. The number is 538-2098. -- Heather
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