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San Leandro Pediatric Dentistry (San Leandro, CA)

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August 2010

I'm thinking of switching my daughters dentist. But, she has Healthy Families and our choices are limited... Her current dentist in Oakland is just sort of lack luster and doesn't really seem to know how to relate to kids. For the last two hygiene appointments, we spent longer sitting in the waiting room, than the cleanings took. So, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience (good or bad) with the dentists over at San Leandro Pediatric Dentistry. I'm especially curious about either Dr. Hipolito or Dr. Hosseini? Thanks for your help! Andrea

Hi Andrea, I've taken my son to San Leandro Pediatrics for a year now and so far, we've had a good experience. We've had minimal wait times and the staff are very helpful, even with my fidgety five year old. Dr. Hipolito takes his time with the children and includes them throughout the process. With that said, I would definitely recommend the practice. One Happy Momma! Liz
Nov 2005

There is nothing current in the archives on pediatric dentists in San Leandro. Does anyone have a recommendation? I'm particularly interested in someone who can work with kids that might not be very comfortable with others working on their teeth or in their mouth. Thanks

After a bad experience at a ped dentist in Oakland (didn't let parents in the room with kids!), I took my 2 yr old son to see Dr Joseph Smith in San Leandro. He was WONDERFUL! He and I sat knee-to-knee, and my son laid across my lap with just his head in Dr Smith's lap for a gentle exam. We haven't had any major work done, so I can't speak specifically to that, but Dr Smith has a lovely, kid-friendly demeanor (he visits at least one pre- school every year to teach the kids about teeth/dental hygiene) and he seems responsive to parents' needs/anxieties, etc. His office is located at 441 Joaquin Ave.510-352-2632 Good luck - still smiling in SL
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