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Phillip Saddler (Berkeley, CA)

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Re: Dentists for Medi-Cal
I love Dr. Phillip Saddler on Alcatraz at San Pablo--a wonderful, family-run dental office that takes Medi-Cal. I always feel great after an appointment (and during, too!) Happy to support an excellent dentist

Dec 2005

Re: Dentists for Medi-Cal
As a medi-cal (denti-cal) patient, I was very pleased with Dr. Phillip Saddler and his staff when I needed treatment for an abcessed tooth followed by a teeth cleaning about 6 months ago. My 6 year old, who has delta dental, sees Meeta Doshi, on Regent Street, and though she is not a pediatric dentist she is fantastic with kids; I expect Dr. Saddler would be competent as well (there were people of all ages in his office). Having said that, when I called Denti-Cal I was also given the name of Don Laston--who indeed specializes in pediatric dentistry, and has an excellent reputation (as a kid my now-38 year old brother saw him because he just couldn't tolerate our sweet old family dentist). Laston is in Berkeley on Telegraph and Oregon. Assuming he hasn't retired or stopped taking medi-cal in the interim, you might wish to check into that possibility for your child. But I would feel fine about taking my daughter to Dr. Saddler were I seeking a new dentist for her. By the way, and perhaps irrelevantly to all but a few dentistry seekers, Dr. Saddler is a second-generation African-American dentist in Oakland-Berkeley; his twin brother, also a dentist who mostly manages their office, is married to Rosa Parks Principal Pat Saddler; and their sister is an administrator in OUSD, formerly principal at Chabot Elementary. Jenny

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