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Richard Peterson

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i can't recommend dr. peterson highly enough - he is fabulous. unfotunately, he has just recently decided to specialize in myofacial pain and has turned over his general practice to a different dentist - a woman whose name i can't remember and haven't met yet. he screened candidates very carefully and put his heart and soul into his practice, and thus into his choice of succession, so i plan to return to the office and give her a try - and i expect she will be great. you wouldn't believe the heartfelt letter he sent out informin all his patients of the change - it was amazing - i can't begin to describe it! his office staff is staying on, and he himself will continue to use the same office for his specialty patients. he teaches at ucsf dental school - in his specialty, and is very very bright, involved in research, and dedicated to quality and precision. his office staff is friendly, efficient and terrific. my whole extended family goes there and none of us has had a single even "no-great" experience!! Lyla

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